You are now in the drunken place…

Todrick Hall has become famous for his spin on classic flicks like Beauty and the Beast and The Wizard of Oz. Now the internet and Broadway star serves up his version of one of the biggest hits of 2017 so far, Get Out.


If you haven’t seen Get Out yet, do so. It’s an exhilarating mix of horror, suspense and comedy with some pointed social commentary that makes all of the over-the-top violence and gore go down a lot smoother. Seeing the original film will also help you appreciate this terrific parody.


In Todrick Hall’s version of the film – Get Out 2: Get Out of the Closet – Colleen Ballinger (aka: Miranda Sings) takes over the Alison Williams role, bringing home her new boyfriend to meet her parents, who in the original movie were played by Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener. In this version her parents are a gay couple and they have thrown a pool party filled with twerking gay boys to welcome their girl’s new boy-toy. Enjoy!