Just Came Out: I Miss You When I See You

Best friends in high school, Kevin and Jamie’s emotional attachment and feeling for one another were cut abruptly short by Kevin’s departure to Australia with his mother. Fast-forward a dozen years later. Jamie (Bryant Ji-Lok Mak) tracks down Kevin (Jun LI) in Australia. The reunion with his best friend reminds Kevin – suffering from depression – of his youthful ambitions. He decides to return to Hong Kong. Jamie, however, enjoying a steady relationship with his girlfriend (Candy Cheung), finds his feelings for Kevin reawakened and growing and stronger. Inevitably, Jamie must make a choice between society’s expectations or following his heart.


Check out the trailer for I Miss You When I See You, new this week from Breaking Glass Pictures and director Simon Chung (End of Love, Speechless), below and click here to order your copy.

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