This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

With the launch of the brand-new, the Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience we have been offering for a long, long time was upgraded and improved. We have expanded (and continue to expand) our selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.


Blake Pruitt Shorts (c) Blake Pruitt

Blake Pruitt Shorts (c) Blake Pruitt

Blake Pruitt Shorts

2012-2015, United States

Enjoy three gorgeous short films from young New York City-based filmmaker Blake Pruitt. Immensely talented, Blake is an up-and-comer worth keeping an eye on. His work has screened and won awards at film festivals all over the world. First up on this collection is 20MALEGAYNYC, a short documentary comprised of interviews with ten young gay men whose honesty and controversial opinions shed light on the experiences of gay urban 20-somethings today. The second short, Camchat, follows a young guy named Alec who encounters various men in online chat rooms – where experiences range from purely sexual to purely emotional. The final short, Read Aloud, follows Justin, a film editor who starts dreaming of being in front of the camera. When a new relationship begins developing, Justin has to decide if he wants to follow his dreams or settle down.

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