Out This Week: At Night All the Cats Are Black

A deliberately strange cinematic exercise, the new film At Night All the Cats Are Black was largely improvised by the cast and crew. Filmmakers Valentin Merz and Robin Mognetti, who plays versions of themselves, have described it as “dreamy, impulsive, coherently illogical, shamelessly artsy and hell bent on surprising its viewers.” Packed with bold visual delights, this film is never afraid to push the envelope – in terms of both sexuality and structure.

At Night All the Cats Are Black follows a film crew in the middle of shooting a surreal and sexually-charged costume drama in the French countryside. When Valentin, the film’s director, suddenly disappears, the local police set out to investigate. The shoot continues, but starts to take increasingly odd turns as Robin, the cameraman and director’s lover, soon follows through on a mysterious promise.

Click below to watch the NSFW trailer and click here to order your copy. At Night All the Cats Are Black is now available on DVD.