Trailer Alert: Baja Come Down

In Baja Come Down, writer-director Anderson Matthew‘s feature film debut, the mythological Mexican landscape becomes both a destination and character while witnessing the denouement of a queer romance.

Hannah and Charlie (Caitlin Michael Riley and Michelle Ortiz) have an on-and-off relationship, but neither are willing to address it head on. In an impulsive moment of delusion, Hannah suggests a road trip to Mexico. Will this reignite and reconnect them? Or is this relationship suicide? They pack up, and head south of the border along with Hannah’s cat, Lou.

To Hannah, the Baja Peninsula is uncharted territory, a foreign land of mystery and adventure. To Charlie, it’s familial roots and childhood vacations. Mesmerized by the coast under Mexican moonlight, the two reconnect and make love. But they can’t play lovebird tourists for long before the tension between them rises to the surface. On top of that, an unpleasant surprise forces them to face whether or not they will be returning home separately or together.

Watch the trailer for Baja Come Down below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and VOD starting January 25th.