Warm up your Winter with An Almost Ordinary Summer

In this feel-good, crowd-pleasing LGBTQ comedy from Italy, two families – one liberal and one conservative – don’t realize they’re being brought together for a wedding… and especially not one for their respective, aging patriarchs.

An Almost Ordinary Summer introduces two very different Italian families who are spending what should be a typical summer holiday in neighboring seaside houses: the sophisticated, bohemian and neurotic Castelvecchios, and the working-class, rather narrow-minded, and loud Petagnas. Normally they would steer clear of each other, but the two middle-aged dads have an announcement: they are getting married… to each other.

That’s the set-up for this touching rom-com, set along the spectacular coastline south of Rome. You can feel the genuine love between silver fox Tony (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) and sensitive bear Carlo (Alessandro Gassman). But their commitment is soon put to the test by their stunned families, especially the eldest children, who are convinced that the match is wrong for all sorts of reasons and set out to derail the nuptials. Will love triumph in the end, or is it a blessing and a curse?

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