Coming Soon: Almost Love

As Adam, a “ghost painter” for critically acclaimed artist Ravella Brewer (Patricia Clarkson) and Marklin, a popular men’s fashion influencer, enter couples’ therapy after their 5-year relationship has started to simmer, they discover that their friends are also struggling in romance. Cammy (Michelle Buteau) learns her new love interest Henry (Colin Donnell) isn’t just cheap, he’s actually temporarily homeless. College-prep tutor Haley (Zoe Chao) reconciles her feelings with a 17-year-old student who’s in love with her. And long-married Elizabeth (Kate Walsh) might not be as happy as she seems. Written and directed by Mike Doyle,¬†Almost Love¬†stars Scott Evans and Augustus Prew as Adam and Marklin in this modern romantic comedy about a group of friends trying to muddle their way through life and making relationships work in New York City.

Watch the trailer for Almost Love below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD at the end of June.