Natasha Lyonne slays in the queer cult classic All About Evil – coming soon to Blu-ray!

It’s been called “a riotous experience” (Horror News), “clearly ahead of its time” (Geekscape) and “made for lovers of horror by someone who loves the genre” (Daily Dead). Now the “demented, outrageous and hysterical” (PopOptiq) can finally be experienced by audiences everywhere on Blu-ray with this new restoration!

Born from the loins of the cult-film underground, All About Evil is an over-the-top black comedy that tells the wicked story of Deborah (the incomparable Natasha Lyonne), a mousy librarian who inherits her father’s beloved but failing movie house.

In order to save the family business, Deborah discovers her inner serial killer and starts turning out a series of grisly short films. Offering them up to the unsuspecting public at increasingly popular screening, she begins to gather a legion of gore-hungry fans. What they don’t realize is that the murders in the movies are real and anyone in the audience could become Deborah’s next victim! (Or movie star, as it were).

All About Evil marked the directorial debut of award-winning “Midnight Mass” movie impresario Joshua Grannell. Perhaps better known by the alter ego Peaches Christ, Grannell is a San Francisco drag legend – an expert in all things horror and camp who has turned a love of midnight movies into an exciting career celebrating the genre. The film’s cast is also phenomenal. Natasha Lyonne is joined by gay icons Mink Stole and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira herself!) and cutie-pies Thomas Dekker and Noah Segan.

This movie slayed audiences back in 2010 when it screened (very slowly, drive-in style) over 20 cities in North America with its delirious fusion of vaudeville extravagance and midnight movie magic, selling out shows in many cities. As you might imagine, John Waters loved it. We’re thrilled that is will soon be available to enjoy over and over again on Blu-ray thanks to Severin Films!


Watch the trailer for All About Evil below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on Blu-ray only starting August 30th.


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We tried to limit these to films that are currently available on our site – either on DVD or Blu-ray, or available via our On-Demand service. If a movie is missing from this list, chances are good it’s just out of print or otherwise currently unavailable/hard to access. This isn’t, as you’ll see, a definitive list of the greatest gay horror – that’s not what we were going for. This is just a sampling of some offerings that usually fly under the radar. Some are good, some are great, some are delightfully campy and ridiculous, some might be downright terrible, but they’re all available to help get your into the Halloween spirit!

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