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Life is a long time! We fill years and decades with experiences, memories, and friends. In the big picture, though, very few things last indefinitely. Recollections may fade and mementos may turn to dust, so that’s we’re proud to introduce a tiny taste of forever at TLAgay, your go-to resource for gay cinema and adult films! We invite you to take advantage of the newest TLAgay purchase option: stream for life!

Once you purchase an item using “stream for life,” you’ll have perpetual streaming access to that movie! All you’ll need to do is return to TLAgay’s official website to find your stream-for-life collection. And since our site is fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets, you’ll be able to watch your collection anywhere there’s an internet connection. In addition, the pricepoint for the stream-for-life is placed at an attractive medium range between the download purchase and the limited-time rental purchase. As a result, you can get more out of your buck! (And of course, all other VOD purchase options remain in effect, including PPM packages for pay-as-you-go watching.)

Purchasing a “stream from life” movie is simple. Navigate to your movie of choice and look for the third option in the VOD purchase panel. Then add the item to your chart and check out as normal. Voila! The movie is part of your TLAgay digital collection and yours to stream forever!


Below, you can see just a small selection of the gay movies available now with STREAM FOR LIFE options, but don’t stop there! We have a MASSIVE selection of films (both adult and non-adult) for you to explore at TLAgay!





Throwback Thursday: Beau Travail

The Criterion Collection graced us with their selection of September releases this week and among the selections is the achingly erotic 1999 classic Beau Travail.


With her ravishingly sensual take on Herman Melville”s Billy Budd, writer-director Claire Denis firmly established herself as one of the great visual tone poets of our time. Amid the azure waters and sun-baked desert landscapes of Djibouti, a French Foreign Legion sergeant (Denis Lavant) sows the seeds of his own ruin as his obsession with a striking young recruit (Gregoire Colin) plays out to the thunderous, operatic strains of Benjamin Britten. Denis and cinematographer Agnes Godard fold military and masculine codes of honor, colonialism’s legacy, destructive jealousy, and repressed desire into shimmering, images that ultimately explode in one of the most startling and unforgettable endings in all of modern cinema.


This new special edition of Beau Travail from the Criterion Collection includes a 4K digital restoration, supervised by director of photography Agnes Godard and approved by director Claire Denis, with uncompressed stereo soundtrack on the Blu-ray; a new conversation between Denis and filmmaker Barry Jenkins; new selected scene commentary with Godard; new interviews with actors Denis Lavant and Gregoire Colin; a new video essay by film scholar Judith Mayne; brand-new English subtitle translation; and an essay by film critic Girish Shambu.


Watch a clip from Beau Travail below and click here to pre-order your copy. It’s coming to DVD and Blu-ray in September.


Now Available On-Demand: Siberia & Him

In the stunning new gay romance Siberia & Him, two men begin a clandestine and erotically charged affair – far removed from the prying eyes of their dictatorial society.

Brothers-in-law Sasha, a meek farmhand, and Dima, a policeman, have always had a fraught relationship. When the two set out on a trip together through the desolate, wide-open country of Siberia in an effort to reach a troubled relative, things begin to change. Along their journey, unspoken truths are uttered and a deep intimacy is built. The pair soon become not only travel companions, but secret lovers – spending their days hiking and hunting for food and their nights in one another’s arms. Although they may be far from their oppressive society, their relationship teeters on a dangerous precipice.


Watch the trailer for Siberia & Him below and click here to watch the film or order your copy. The film is now available on-demand.

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The Prince is an explosive new film about masculine aggression, conflicting loyalties and pent-up sexual desires

“A dark, raw film that takes us directly into the harsh life behind bars in the notorious San Bernardo prison outside Santiago, Chile… beneath this primal surface there exists a tale of loyalty love and compassion that blooms even in the most horrific of circumstance.” – The Chicago Times Weekly


The Prince is brutal, raw and cold, yet also beautiful, sincere and honest.” – WireMag


“A pretty boy — or, to be more precise, an angular jawline and a head of lush curls in search of a personality — is thrown into a dark and dank prison in 1970 Chile in The Prince. For most people, this would be a horror scenario, but this feature is such a work of homoerotic fantasy, pilfering liberally from sources ranging from Un Chant d’amour to Querelle and the opera omnia of Jean-Daniel Cadinot, that the protagonist doesn’t mind being locked away with a bunch of handsy, well-endowed inmates for even one hot minute. Quite the contrary, as behind bars he’ll find plenty of man-on-man action, cute bell-bottoms and perhaps even the homosexual Holy Grail decades before the age of marriage equality: love.” – The Hollywood Reporter


The Prince deals with the homosexual awakening of a young man called Jaime (played by Juan Carlos Maldonado). It’s a realization that, sadly, he could not come to while he was a free man, given that any sign of desire between two men would have been suppressed by the conservative society of the time… The Prince is a story of survival revolving around a young man condemned to remain in this hellhole of a prison.” – Cineuropa


“Just wait until you see all the sweat, pubes, and grime on display here: Muñoz treats men’s bodies the same as most studios treat women’s, and that’s the point… The guards are brutal and the hyper-masculinity only reaches a ceasefire in inmates’ passionate expressions of their sexuality… it’s wonderful how Muñoz plays with masculinity. He shoots men like we’d expect to see them only to stage them like lingerie models minutes later. They get to be domineering; they get to be vulnerable. It gets to a point where it isn’t so much about gender as it is raw emotions, and DP Enrique Stindt complements this wonderfully with patinas and grain detail. There are too many supporting characters at times, but The Prince sure knows how to develop a sense of place.” – TheSpool


“As in the work of Jean Genet, The Prince offers a gritty but phantasmatic world of social deviance and sexual liberation, where the close proximity of barely clothed or naked male bodies sparks an irrepressible eroticism that can only be answered through intercourse or violence. Muñoz, a first-time director, does an elegant job of balancing the lurid and the tender; there’s certainly enough exposed flesh here to reflect the material’s pulp origins, but the feelings that are evinced, the yearning for intimacy and affirmation between men who’ve been denied them, is just as affecting.” – CineFile


From director Sebastian Muñoz, The Prince is an explosive homoerotic prison drama set in a repressive 1970s Chilean prison. During a night of heavy drinking, Jaime (Juan Carlos Maldonado), a hot-tempered narcissist, suddenly stabs his best friend. He is sent to jail for murder and there, alone and afraid, he comes under the protection of a tough older inmate known as “The Stallion”  The unlikely pair begin a clandestine romance but violent power struggles inside the penitentiary threaten their bond. This searing story of survival at all costs, takes its inspiration from Jean Genet’s Un Chant d’amour and Fassbinder’s Querelle in its affecting exploration of masculine aggression, conflicting loyalties and pent-up sexual desires.


Watch the trailer for The Prince below. The film is coming to DVD, Blu-ray and VOD in July.


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Trailer Alert: Seahorse

Seahorse follows one trans man’s pioneering quest to fulfill an age-old desire: to start his own family. This is the story of the dad who gave birth.

Freddy is 30 and yearns to start a family but for him this ordinary desire comes with unique challenges. He is a gay transgender man. Deciding to carry his own baby took years of soul searching, but nothing could prepare him for the reality of pregnancy, as both a physical experience and one that challenges society’s fundamental understanding of gender, parenthood and family. He quickly realizes that what to him feels pragmatic, to others feels deeply confusing and confronting; this was not part of his plan. Against a backdrop of increasing hostility towards trans people the world over, Freddy is forced to confront his own naivety, mine unknown depths of courage and lean on every friend and family member who will stand by him.

Made with unprecedented access and collaboration over three years, Seahorse follows Freddy from preparing to conceive right through to birth. It is an intimate, audacious and lyrical story for the cinema about conception, pregnancy, birth and what makes us who we are. The film is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jeanie Finlay (Game of Thrones: The Last Watch) and produced by Andrea Cornwell (Saint Maud, Apostasy).


Watch the trailer for Seahorse below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD in July.


This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Paris 05:59: Theo & Hugo
From the directors behind The Adventures of Felix, comes a thoughtful and relentlessly sexy romance. It’s after midnight in a Paris gay sex club when Théo and Hugo lock eyes across the crowded room – and their connection is electric. They make their way together and have passionate sex. Afterwards, they leave the club and explore the streets of Paris, drunk with the possibilities of love at first sight, as well as sobered by the risks of their passion. Opening with one of the most jaw-dropping gay sex scenes we’ve ever seen in a movie, the film plays out in real time and follows the connection that grows between these two men. Lead actors Geoffrey Couet and Francois Nambot, both relative newcomers, put everything on display – both emotionally and physically. Their primal sexual connection is palpable. Warning: As stated above, Paris 05:59: Theo & Hugo contains graphic sex and nudity (did we mention that?). Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


Always Say Yes
The sexually explicit gay film Always Say Yes follows Hector (Gerardo Torres Rodriguez), a gay man living in Mexico who travels from Hermosillo to Mexico City with the hope of posing naked for Feral, a sex-positive photography collective. Leaving both his friends and his inhibitions behind, Hector is determined to experiment and play out all of his various desires in real life, without limits. He makes a promise to himself to always say yes to every new situation, no matter what the consequences may be. A raw and explicit examination of sexuality and desire, Always Say Yes features brave, completely uninhibited performances from a game cast. Warning: This film contains graphic scenes of unsimulated sex acts. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. (Noticing a theme with this week’s selections?)


Davy & Goliath
An afternoon visit to a small city ‘Sex Shoppe’ inspires excitement, surprise and comic relief. Produced, directed, photographed and edited by prolific, boundary-pushing, iconoclast queer filmmakers Charles Lum and Todd Verow, the six-minute short film Davy & Goliath is an eye-opener. A New York-based artist working in video, using documentary and cinematic narrative, photo and performance, much of Lum’s works deals – in a deliberately confrontational way – with gay sexuality ethics and how the realities of HIV affected culture and personal experience. With more than twenty-five different shorts and features available on-demand right now, Verow has been one of our favorite underground gay filmmakers for a long time.


India Blues
India Blues is an edgy, bold and passionate love story between two young men who are sometimes afraid to love each other. Through exploring their experiences – both the trivial and important moments – in real time (their first kiss, their first sexual encounter, their awkward silences, their last hug), we are submerged in their universe of love and the feelings that come with it. Pain, lust, happiness, jealousy, attraction, peacefulness, love and anger are shown to us in eight out-of-order segments – chapters in the coming together and the tearing apart of two very different people. Though it’s not for all tastes, this unusually patient, decidedly avant garde film aims to offer the most realistic depiction possible of a gay relationship – through all of its emotional stages – on film. There’s a lot of depth and intelligence even in the film’s slowest, most trivial moments and the two largely unknown lead actors (Christoph Forny and Yiannis Kolios) give incredibly brave performances, showing their characters’ vulnerability in totally subtle ways.


The Third One
Unfolding over the course of one night, The Third One concerns a ménage à trois. In the extended pre-title opening, we’re treated to raunchy online conversations and video chats between Fede (Emiliano Dionisi), a college student, and Hernan and Franco (Carlos Echevarria and Nicolas Armengol), an attractive, slightly older gay couple. After a few heated internet encounters, they decide to meet in person. The film features numerous long takes – the camera fixed in one position as this trio gets acquainted and builds sexual tension. Once that tension is released, in an incredibly long and intimate three-way sequence, it’s all the more riveting for the slow build that precedes it. Light on conflict, The Third One simply aims to simulate a modern gay threesome as believably as possible – and it succeeds. This is a sex positive movie that looks at taboos – open relationships, intergenerational affairs – with a fair eye and celebrates the enchanting effect that one night of honest, uninhibited passion can leave you in the morning.

Coming Soon: Almost Love

As Adam, a “ghost painter” for critically acclaimed artist Ravella Brewer (Patricia Clarkson) and Marklin, a popular men’s fashion influencer, enter couples’ therapy after their 5-year relationship has started to simmer, they discover that their friends are also struggling in romance. Cammy (Michelle Buteau) learns her new love interest Henry (Colin Donnell) isn’t just cheap, he’s actually temporarily homeless. College-prep tutor Haley (Zoe Chao) reconciles her feelings with a 17-year-old student who’s in love with her. And long-married Elizabeth (Kate Walsh) might not be as happy as she seems. Written and directed by Mike DoyleAlmost Love stars Scott Evans and Augustus Prew as Adam and Marklin in this modern romantic comedy about a group of friends trying to muddle their way through life and making relationships work in New York City.

Watch the trailer for Almost Love below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD at the end of June.