The acclaimed new animated documentary Flee is coming to Blu-ray in March





“TRULY UNIQUE” – Thrillist

“STUNNING” – The Wrap


“FLAWLESS” – Harper’s Bazaar




In Flee, the Grand Jury Prize winner at this past year’s Sundance Film Festival, filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen tells a poignant story of belonging and the search for identity.

Amin’s life has been defined by his past and a secret he’s kept for over 20 years. Having left his home country of Afghanistan as a young child with his mother and siblings, Amin now grapples with how his past will affect his future in Denmark and the life he is building with his soon-to-be husband.

Told brilliantly through the use of animation to protect his identity, Amin looks back over his life, opening up for the first time about his past, his trauma, the truth about his family and the acceptance of his own sexuality.


Watch the trailer for Flee below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on Blu-ray beginning March 1st.




Coming Soon: Days

“One of the year’s most touching films.” – Indiewire

“Pure rapture. A full body massage for the soul.” – Film Comment

“A profound, meditative poem on the human need for connection.” – Little White Lies

“A mesmerizing film… one of Tsai’s most stripped down, direct and moving works.” – Hyperallergic

“A quietly aching stunner from one of our great filmmakers. Gorgeously sensual.” – Los Angeles Times

“An extraordinary movie. Intoxicating. See it however and wherever you can, preferably with some strangers and with all the lights out.” –

The great Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang – along with his lead actor and must Lee Kang-sheng – has been directing exquisite examinations of alienation, isolation, and the fleeting beauty of human connection for decades. His latest film, Days, will undoubtedly stand as one of his best, sparest and most intimate works.

Lee once again stars as a variation on himself, wandering through a lonely urban landscape and seeking treatment in Hong Kong for a chronic illness. At the same time, a young Laotian immigrant working in Bangkok, played by Anong Houngheuangsy, goes about his daily routine. These two solitary men eventually come together in a moment of healing, tenderness and sexual release.

Among the most cathartic entries in Tsai‘s filmography, Days is a work of longing, constructed with the director’s customary brilliance at visual composition and shot through with profound empathy. Many different film critics have hailed it as one of the best films of the year.

Watch the trailer for Days below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray beginning February 22nd.




The Man with the Answers is one of the year’s most romantic gay movies!

A hit with critics and audiences all around the world, writer-director Stelios Kammitsis‘ thoughtful and romantic new film The Man with the Answers is coming to DVD in January.

The film follows Victor (Vasilis Magouliotis), a twenty-something ex-diving champion who is now working in a furniture factory. He has been living with his sick grandmother in a seaside town in Greece. Distraught after her death, he decides to dust off her old car and travel to Germany to visit his estranged mother.

On the ferry to Italy, he meets Matthias (Anton Weil), a talkative, inquisitive young German who is on his way home. Matthias persuades Victor to take him along. As they drive north, Victor’s uptight, repressive personality clashes with the more free-spirited Matthias. But they soon find common emotional ground as their summer road trip takes unexpected turns.

The Man with the Answers is a tender story of self-discovery, love and family… in all its many forms. Watch the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD January 11th.


Altered Innocence has restored the films of Fred Halsted for this amazing collector’s set!

Fred Halsted was a legend in his own time. His self-created public persona-that of the leather-clad sadist-instantly made him both feared and revered as one of the first openly gay sex symbols. And his taboo-shattering films broke new ground in the gay erotic cinema for their portrayal of sadomasochism and other forms of polymorphous perversity.

These works sent a shockwave throughout the fledgling gay liberation movement and the art establishment alike, leading to their eventual acquisition by the Museum of Modern Art. But despite their significant cultural importance, these films have long been available only in neutered form, if at all.

Altered Innocence and Anus Films are proud to present the first-ever uncut disc release of the groundbreaking and fiercely controversial films L.A. Plays ItselfSextool and The Sex Garage, beautifully restored by MoMA and with a host of new bonus features, including Halsted’s formerly-lost second feature, Truck It.


The collection also includes audio commentaries, interviews, photo galleries, original theatrical trailers, a 2-page booklet filled with essays and much, much more.

Watch the gorgeous new trailer for L.A. Plays Itself: The Fred Halsted Collection below (Warning: It’s NOT Safe for Work) and click here to order your copy. The set will be available on DVD and Blu-ray beginning this week!


Don’t miss Bruce LaBruce’s Saint-Narcisse – available on DVD starting this week!

“A WILD RIDE” – The Hollywood Reporter



“TWINCESTUOUS” – Artsbeat L.A.



“A HELL OF A RIDE” – Seventh Row

Saint-Narcisse, the latest film from maverick director Bruce LaBruce, Canada’s reigning “King of Kink,” follows Dominic (Felix-Antoine Duval), a young man with a fetish… for himself.

Nothing turns him on more than his reflection, with much of his time spent taking Polaroid selfies. When his loving grandmother dies, he discovers a deep family secret: his mother didn’t die in childbirth as he was told.

He also has a twin brother named Daniel who was raised in a remote monastery by a depraved priest, held captive against his will. The power of destiny brings together these two beautiful, identical brothers, who are soon embroiled in a blasphemous web of sex, revenge and redemption.

Set in the early 1970s and the afterglow of sexual liberation, Saint-Narcisse is a taboo-busting love letter to the psychosexual thrillers of that era.


Watch the trailer for Saint-Narcisse below and click here to order your copy. The film is available on DVD starting starting this week.


The short gay holiday comedy Christmas Coming Out is now available on-demand!

From director Art Arutyunyan and screenwriter Armand Petri, the team behind the gay indie film label Together Magic Films, Christmas Coming Out is a brand-new 17-minute short film designed to help get you into the holiday spirit.


The film follows an action figure from a young gay man’s Christmas past who comes magically to life to help him find the courage he needs to come out to his parents once and for all. It also doesn’t hurt that, in human form, the action figure is smokin’ hot.


Watch a short trailer for Christmas Coming Out below and check out our exclusive photo gallery. The film is currently available on-demand at!



Coming Soon: Moffie

“It’s a coming-of-age movie that plays like a thriller…”
– New York Magazine

“The filmmaking is strong and confident throughout, while Mr. Brummer’s performance is a constant revelation.”
– Wall Street Journal

“It’s an usual perspective for an apartheid film, something the director – who is gay and mixed race – has acknowledged initially recoiling from. But that point-of-view only makes Hermanus’ mission all the more laudable.”
– Associated Press

“This is a gentle beauty of a film with impressive work from a young cast.”
– San Jose Mercury News

“A riveting portrait of a particular time and place while also being a broader assault on the type of pressure-cooker masculinity where torture, cruelty, humiliation and racism are the coins of the realm.”
– Houston Chronicle

“The film lifts the lid on same-sex desire just enough to stir the pot but refuses to indulge in any unrealistic wish fulfillment when depicting a time when discovered transgressions provoked the most extreme consequences.”
– Deadline Hollywood

“It does such a thought-through, empathetic, and powerful job of exploring homophobia as part of a root-and-branch mentality in South Africa’s white patriarchal psyche.”
– Daily Telegraph

“Both a shiver-delicate exploration of unspoken desire and a scarringly brilliant anatomy of white South African masculinity.”
– Variety

“It’s often tough to watch, but that harshness is mitigated by moments of aching tenderness and desire.”
– Hollywood Reporter


Moffie, the acclaimed new coming-of-age military drama from director Oliver Hermanus, is set year is 1981 – while South Africa’s white minority government is embroiled in a conflict on the southern Angolan border.

Like all white boys over the age of sixteen, Nicholas van der Swart (Kai Luke Brummer) must complete two years of compulsory military service to defend the apartheid regime. The threats of communism, violence and racial discord are at an all-time high. But they are not the only dangers Nicholas faces. He must survive the brutality of the army – something that becomes even more difficult when a connection is sparked between him and a fellow recruit.

Watch the trailer for Moffie below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and Blu-ray January 25th.



Out This Week: Playdurizm

First time director Gem Deger explodes on the film scene with Playdurizm, a wildly colorful, dangerously sexy and dark-edged fantasy/horror tale about a young man and the bizarre world he wakes up inside.

Demir (played by writer-director Deger) suddenly wakes up with no memory of the past and in an unfamiliar apartment. Surrounded by balloons and an oinking pig, he scurries his way out only to be stopped by the hunky and handsome Andrew (Austin Chunn) who assures the teen that he actually lives there, with the hunk, his girlfriend and their pet pig.

As he uncomfortably settles into this strange new reality, Demir starts quietly longing for his alluring heterosexual roommate. He gets his chance when Andrew’s girlfriend Drew (Issy Stewart) overdoses and they stash her body under the sofa. Demir now does everything he can to be possessed by this man, all the while ignoring the violent clues of how he got there.

An intoxicating blend of fantasy, violence, passion and control, Playdurizm is a truly unique and often shocking film debut. Watch the trailer below and click here to order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting this week!



Out This Week: Beyto

Things are going well for Beyto (Burak Ates). He’s a talented swimmer, a motivated apprentice and an all-around cool guy. But when he, the only son of a Turkish migrant family, starts falling in love with his swimming coach, Mike (Dimitri Stapfer), his ideal world falls to pieces.

His parents only see one way out. They lure him to their home village and plan his wedding to Seher (Ecem Aydin), a childhood friend. Suddenly, Beyto finds himself in a disruptive love triangle.

Don’t miss this subtle, sensuous and moving love story. Watch the trailer for Beyto below and click here to order your copy. The film is is available on DVD starting this week!


Coming Soon: Cicada


“AS REAL AS IT GETS” – Los Angeles Times







After a string of unsuccessful and awkward encounters with women, Ben (played by co-writer/director Matthew Fifer) decides to go “back on the dick.”

The winning, critically-acclaimed new comedy-drama-romance Cicada follows Ben, a young bisexual man, as he comes out to the world and develops an intense relationship with Sam (Sheldon D. Brown), a man of color struggling with deep wounds of his own. As the summer progresses and their intimacy grows, Ben’s past begins crawling to the surface – putting their still burgeoning romance in jeopardy.


Co-starring Bowen Yang, David Burtka, Scott Adsit and Cobie Smulders, the film is a smart and deeply thoughtful crowd-pleaser that has been earning rave reviews from critics. “It is a film of love and loss, great pain but also immense joy, with two actors reliving parts of their own experiences,” said the director. “It is a secret told, a wound exposed, and a promise that even in the dark, it’s never too late to cry out.”


Watch the trailer for Cicada below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD January 25th.