Now Available On-Demand: The Strong Ones

From writer-director Omar Zuniga, The Strong Ones tells the romantic saga of a fisherman and an architect in the beautiful landscape of Southern Chile as they find love at the edge of the world.


Lucas (Samuel Gonzalez) travels to visit his sister who lives in a remote town in Southern Chile. Beside the ocean shrouded in the wintery mist he meets Antonio (Antonio Altamirano), a boatswain on a local fishing boat. When an intense romance blossoms between them, their strength, independence, and adulthood become immovable, just like the ebb and flow of the tide.


A confidently-crafted festival favorite, The Strong Ones took home both the Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize at Outfest this year. It’s a heartwarming romance you won’t want to miss.


Watch the trailer for The Strong Ones below and click here to watch the film. It’s available now on-demand at TLAgay.


An unusual bromance turns sinister in the eerie new indie thriller Rent-A-Pal

Set in 1990, the trippy, weirdly homoerotic new thriller Rent-A-Pal follows a lonely straight bachelor named David (Brian Landis Folkins) as he searches for an escape from the day-to-day drudgery of caring for his aging mother (Kathleen Brady). It’s not the sunniest living situation – by far – and David is in desperate need of a friend.


While seeking a partner through a less-than-helpful video dating service, David discovers a strange discount-bin VHS tape called Rent-A-Pal. Hosted by the charming and charismatic Andy (Wil Wheaton), the tape offers him much-needed company, compassion and friendship. But, Andy’s friendship – however bizarrely one-sided – comes at a cost… and David desperately struggles to afford the price of admission.


With an eerie high-concept premise and excellent performances, Rent-A-Pal resides somewhere between a pitch-black comedy, bleak kitchen sink drama, tense sci-fi thriller and gory psychological horror flick. All grown up, Stand by Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation star Wil Wheaton gives an ambiguously demented performance as a seemingly friendly video host who may have some majorly toxic issues lurking just under the surface. And while this isn’t a gay-themed film, there’s some subtle, off-kilter homoeroticism to the main relationship that grabbed our attention.


Watch the trailer for Rent-A-Pal below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting March 9th.


Coming Soon: Nowhere

Adrian and Sebastian (Miguel González and Juan Pablo Castiblanco) live an openly gay life in New York as immigrants. When Sebastian’s visa is rejected, the two must decide whether to return to Colombia – where they face rejection and persecution for their sexual orientation – or do whatever is necessary to stay in the United States. Either way, the thoughts and discussions associated with the decision will have a profound effect on the couple.


Hitting upon hot button issues, Nowhere is a riveting new romantic drama from writer-directors David and Francisco Salazar. The film places its characters within the context of the difficult immigration situation in the US – as well as a furthering sense of homelessness and lack of belonging, which consistently haunts out main protagonists.


Watch the trailer for Nowhere below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and VOD starting February 23rd.


Now Available On-Demand: Madame

The touching new documentary Madame is a double portrait of a young boy slowly coming out of the closet and of the lady that was, even more than his own mother, the woman of his life – his grandmother.


Based on private archival footage, Madame takes us onto an intimate journey where Caroline, a flamboyant 90-year-old grandmother, and her filmmaker grandson Stephane explore the development and transmission of gender identity in a patriarchal environment. Promised to domestic life in the 1920s, Caroline manages to free herself from the clutches of forced marriage and becomes a successful businesswoman, defying the social rules of her time. In parallel, Stephane struggles to play the role everyone expects in his Swiss bourgeois family until the day he comes out of the closet and sets off on a crusade against homophobia and sexism.


Watch the trailer for Madame below and click here to rent or download the movie. The film is available now on-demand at TLAgay!


Out This Week: Welcome to Chechnya

With searing urgency, the edge-of-your-seat documentary Welcome to Chechnya shadows a group of activists who risk unimaginable peril to confront the ongoing anti-LGBTQ purge raging in the repressive and closed Russian republic.


Since 2017, Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has waged a depraved operation to “cleanse the blood” of LGBTQ Chechens, overseeing a campaign to detain, and execute them. Operating without the sanction of the Kremlin, activists take matters into their own hands.


In this riveting new film, acclaimed director David France (the same filmmaker behind How to Survive a Plague and The Death of Marsha P. Johnson – also both must-sees) uses a remarkable hands-on approach to expose this atrocity and tell the story of an extraordinary group of people literally putting their lives on the line to confront evil.


Originally broadcast on HBO, Welcome to Chechnya is available on DVD starting this week. Watch the trailer below and click here to order your copy.


Just Came Out: Spiral

“A solid flick simmering with mystery and tension.” – We Live Entertainment

Spiral demonstrates the horrors of othering in a way that is both modern and classic.” – Quelle Movies

“A queer leading couple, super creepy atmosphere, and so many turns I wasn’t sure what to expect.” – I Love Splatter

“A damn good horror movie, gripping from start to finish.” – Bloody Disgusting

“An unapologetically gay horror that is also quietly impressive.” – Smash Cut Reviews

“One of the most powerful, socially conscious and memorable horror movies of the year.” – Wicked Horror

“A frightening and compelling addition to queer-powered horror.” – Dread Central


Malik (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) and Aaron (Ari Cohen), a same-sex couple, move to a small town so they can enjoy a better quality of life as they raise their 16-year-old daughter Kayla (Jennifer Laporte). But nothing is as it seems in their picturesque new neighborhood. And when they see that the folks next door are throwing a very strange, cult-like party, being the new LGBTQ family in town suddenly feels extremely dangerous. Are they just being paranoid, or are they in some serious trouble?

A clever gay horror-thriller that tackles deep themes, Spiral is a must-see for gay-movie horror fans! Watch the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is now available on DVD and Blu-ray at TLAgay.


Coming Soon: The Night of the Two Moons

Federica (Prakriti Maduro) is three months pregnant, expecting her first child with her gay best friend (Albi De Abreu). Her life changes completely, however, when she discovers that the baby in her womb does not have her DNA. She soon discovers her own embryo has been exchanged, accidentally, with that of another couple. But when the truth is discovered, the biological parents of Federica’s son will do everything they can to get her real son back, which puts Federica and her partner in a very difficult position.


A riveting Spanish drama from writer-director Miguel Ferrari, The Night of the Two Moons was released internationally back in 2018, but is only now finding its way to American audiences. Watch the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting March 16th.


Soulmates: Season 1 is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in March

In the very near future, a test is developed that incontrovertibly lets a person know who their soulmate is. The new science is clear, and no matter a person’s current relationship status, whether they are single, dating or even married, this test will unmistakably point a person in the direction of their actual, scientifically determined soulmate. People in long-term relationships should not be content in believing they’ve already made the right choice. Even if a person seems to be deep in love with their current partner, this test may just prove that they are mistaken. After all, science knows best.


Originally aired on AMC, the gripping, star-studded new sci-fi series Soulmates explores – through a collection of riveting, self-contained episodes – whether love is a really destiny or just a matter of choice. Created by William Bridges and Brett Goldstein (writers behind shows like Black Mirror, Ted Lasso and Stranger Things), the series features Charlie Heaton, Sarah Snook, Malin Akerman, Laia Costa and many more notable character actors. One of the most acclaimed episodes stars Bill Skarsgård and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as two men who hook up and end up embarking on a wild night of thievery, gambling and infiltrating a criminal organization during a layover in Mexico.


Watch a trailer for the series below and click here to pre-order your copy. The full first season will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting on March 23rd.


Now Available On-Demand: A Skeleton in the Closet

When Manuel (Facundo Gambande) returns to his hometown on the occasion of his parents’ wedding anniversary, he has a bit of an ulterior motive. He’s planning to ask for money so that he can move to Denmark with his boyfriend. The last time he saw his family, he came out of the closet – and things have been tense ever since. When his boyfriend suddenly dumps him, Manuel finds himself diving head-first into an existential crisis. Now more in need of his family’s love and support than ever, an unexpected opportunity to reconnect presents itself.


Featuring a terrifically endearing lead performance, A Skeleton in the Closet is a tender and heartfelt Argentinian family comedy-drama that you don’t want to miss. Watch the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and VOD in January.


Out This Week: Monsoon

Kit (Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding) returns to Ho Chi Minh City for the first time since he was six years old when his family fled the country in the aftermath of the Vietnam-American war. There he meets Lee (David Tran), his estranged second cousin, Linh (Molly Harris), a young Vietnamese student, and arranges an online date that turns into something more with Lewis (Southside with You star Parker Sawyers), an American clothing designer. Struggling to make sense of himself in a city he’s no longer familiar with, he embarks on a personal journey across the country that opens up the possibility for friendship, love and happiness.


A critically-acclaimed new romantic drama from director Hong Khaou (Lilting, Spring) Monsoon is a rich and poignant reflection on the struggle for identity in a place where the past weighs heavily on the present. By tackling the personal and political legacies that have shaped them, Kit, Lewis and Linh can start to write an exciting new chapter in their lives.


Watch the trailer for Monsoon below and click here to order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting this week.