Now Available On-Demand: Male Shorts: International V4

The fourth volume of an amazing series, Male Shorts: International V4 features six brand-new hot and heavy short films focusing on men. Included are the titles It Is Not the Brazilian Homosexuals Who Are Perverse But The Situation In Which They Live, It’s Just in My Head, Playtime, Ten Times Love, The Red Trinket and Venus in Nykes. The films are presented in their original language (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian) with English subtitles for all.


We’re including a short synopsis of each film below along with an exclusive photo gallery. Click here to watch of Male Shorts: International V4 on-demand at TLAgay!


IT’S JUST IN MY HEAD (2020; Director: Marius Gabriel Stancu)
Andreas and Alessandro have been friends since childhood. Now grown men with lives of their own, they both return to their hometown for a summer that will change their relationship forever.

Two gay Brazilians go skinny dipping in a lake, where they talk about love, sex, colonialism and migration on a pandemic summer afternoon in Berlin.

PLAYTIME (2021; Director: Simone Bozzelli)
A mother wants to play with her son who won’t speak to her. A boy wants to find out what his friend is giving to a girl who is more slender than him. A cat has disappeared. But these are only games.

THE RED TRINKET (2021; Director: André Murraças)
A man receives a heart-shaped charm from a friend to put around his neck. When the jewel disappears, the man panics and cannot deal with the feelings that the gesture and the loss of the trinket arouse in him. In a crazy and bloody act, he will do the unthinkable.

TEN TIMES LOVE (2020; Directors: Manuel Billi, Benjamin Bodi)
This short film offers up ten fragments of ephemeral love in the life of Numa, an anti-romantic hero of our liquid time.

VENUS IN NYKES (2021; Director: André Antônio)
A therapist becomes more and more intrigued by his newest patient’s sexual fantasies and flights from reality. Could he be some kind of prophet? Or is he part of a cult?



Now Available On-Demand: The Trace of Your Lips

A gorgeously crafted and relentlessly sexy new erotic drama from acclaimed director Julián Hernández (Raging Sun, Raging Sky, I Am Happiness on Earth), The Trace of Your Lips follows Roman, a B-movie actor who finds himself isolated in his apartment while the pandemic keeps the world on edge.

Aldo, an indigenous young man, is an essential worker who is allowed by the authorities to come and go as necessary. Although they live in the same apartment complex, they are unable to meet. Instead, they talk online or via video calls – which increases the simmering erotic tension. Finally, the temptation to meet becomes too much to bear, culminating in a reality that proves even more combustible.

Packed to the brim with sexual tension, this wildly erotic drama explores the lockdown state of mind, wherein even one individual’s pleasure becomes taboo.

Watch the trailer for The Trace of Your Lips below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD and VOD at TLAgay.


The queer cult classic Fogi is a Bastard has a brand-new special edition restoration

Set in Zurich during the early seventies and boasting a killer soundtrack that includes the likes of punk legends The Stooges and The Velvet Underground, Fogi is a Bastard is director Marcel Gisler‘s honest depiction of teenage infatuation and obsession.

Beni (Vincent Branchet) is a 15-year old sensitive romantic completely besotted by the super sexy Fogi (Frédéric Andrau), the front man to local punk outfit The Minks. The wide-eyed seemingly innocent Beni – who begins his courting of Fogi with lovingly penned letters – is welcomed into the out gay punk musician’s world of partying and playing gigs. However, as Fogi slowly drifts from an ambitious music career to the addictive world of mind-altering substances, a wedge slowly forms in their relationship which leads to Beni becoming a submissive “dog” in their relationship and supporting his lover with sex work.

With its raw depiction of urban life, ghettoized youth, working class angst and gay male sex without any compromise, Fogi is a Bastard is a must see for fans of coming-of-age cinema and alternative queer sensibilities and aesthetics.

Originally released in 1998, Fogi is a Bastard has been unavailable for many years, but has recently been restored by the cult/indie distribution label Altered Innocence for this special edition release.

Watch a new trailer for the restoration of Fogi is a Bastard below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD at TLAgay.


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Zachary Quinto and Lukas Gage get dirty in the wild, sex-positive gay comedy Down Low

From actor and first-time feature director Rightor Doyle, Down Low is an outrageous, sex-positive gay comedy starring Zachary Quinto and “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus” star Lukas Gage (who co-wrote the screenplay) about two men, one wild night and it’s hysterical outcomes.

Gary (Quinto) is a repressed, recently divorced man who hires Cameron (Gage), a spirited and boundary-free sex worker, to give him an erotic massage. When Cameron learns how inexperienced middle-aged Gary is, he becomes determined to deliver a crash course in unapologetic queer life. Cameron’s agenda of hookup apps and gay nomenclature quickly causes the day to take several riotously obscure turns as the pair endure a nosy, pill-popping neighbor, a dark web intruder and more in a hilarious evening of consequences and confrontation.

Judith Light, Audra McDonald and Simon Rex co-star in this wildly funny new queer comedy.

Click the link below to watch the restricted trailer for Down Low below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting December 26th at TLAgay!




Director Stewart Thorndike puts a queer spin on The Shining in the claustrophobic indie thriller Bad Things

Ruthie (Gayle Rankin) has recently inherited her grandmother’s abandoned hotel, and has returned to stay in it for a few days with her girlfriend Cal (Hari Nef), their friend Maddie (Rad Pereira) and seductive tagalong Fran (Annabelle Dexter-Jones).

Despite feeling uncomfortable there, Ruthie is hoping to use the trip fix her and Cal’s troubled relationship. She’s also reluctantly entertaining the idea of keeping and running the hotel with Cal instead of selling. After an unexpected moment of infidelity, the weekend takes some increasingly unusual turns and it soon seems as though they’re not alone in the hotel.

Co-starring Molly Ringwald, this claustrophobic indie thriller takes some loose inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, putting a decidedly queer spin on the haunted hotel subgenre. Director Stewart Thorndike, who burst onto the scene with the equally chilling queer horror indie Lyle in 2014, is also the perfect filmmaker to take on a Kubrick homage. She had an acting role in the auteur’s final film Eyes Wide Shut and got a first-hand glimpse into his mastery.


Watch the trailer for Bad Things below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting this week at TLAgay.


Coming Soon: Shoulder Dance

In Shoulder Dance, an award-winning romantic comedy-drama from director Jay Arnold (The Big Gay MusicalWhat Happens Next), the slippery lines between friends and lovers threatens to trip up two couples – one gay and one straight – during a wild weekend of seductive games, unraveling revelations and all-out indulgence.

Best friends Ira and Roger (Matt Dallas and Rick Cosnett) haven’t seen each other in twenty-four years. When Roger arrives unexpectedly for the weekend, long suppressed desires dangerously resurface. As the boundaries of friendship, love and sex collide, the strength of Ira’s relationship with Josh (Taylor Frey) is tested like never before.


Shoulder Dance won awards for Best Supporting Actress (Maggie Geha) and Best LGBTQ Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. It also took home the Best Drama award at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and was an official selection at many others.

Watch the trailer for Shoulder Dance below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and VOD at TLAgay starting December 19th.


Trailer Alert: Pornomelancholia

“This study of a guy trying to make it in the gay porn industry… does it so intriguingly, with sensitivity, wit and thoughtfulness.” – Screen International

Looking to escape his mundane factory job and make some easy money, Lalo decides to respond to a casting call for an adult film. With his striking face and dark mustache, he quickly finds himself cast as Emiliano Zapata in an overheated porno retelling of the Mexican Revolution.

Though Lalo’s online celebrity begins to skyrocket as he posts videos, he finds the demands of the shoot beginning to wear him down, especially at the hands of a pretentious director who takes his cues from Luis Bunuel films.

As Lalo navigates his new life as a sex worker, he finds that his rising star does not tame his loneliness.

Director Manuel Abramovich devised this artful, alluring mixture of fiction and documentary from lead actor Lalo Santos‘ own personal experiences working in the porn industry. Anchored by an incredibly vulnerable performance, Pornomelancholia is an intimate portrait not only of Lalo but of the reality of sex work in today’s world.


Watch the trailer for Pornomelancholia below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting December 19th at TLAgay.


The Male Shorts queer film series is back with a brand new volume of international gems

Get ready for the sixth installment of an incredible gay short film series! Male Shorts: International V6 features a brand-new collection of sensual and provocative male-centric LGBTQ+ shorts. Included are…

Two Amongst Many (Director: Julián Hernández)
A pandemic has Esteban isolated, separated from Alan. His days go by staring at the buildings around him from the rooftop where he lives, learning how to play the guitar, and maintaining his relationship with Alan through video calls, but isolation has no end in sight, and reality eventually catches up with them.

If We Keep Talking in Summer Days (Director: Liu Haotian)
In a small city in the north, the time of midsummer is very short. Two boys get to know each other by chance and agree to meet by a lake. But one of them doesn’t keep the agreement and it begins to rain heavily.

My Pana (Director: Santiago Giralt)
A young man adapting to a new society has only a few tools to survive: his youth, his body and, ultimately, his own resilience. Through his point of view, we understand the hardships of million of Venezuelans abroad and the consequences of corruption, exile and the fractured soul of a person who was pushed to leave his true life to adapt to a hostile new place.

The Anniversary (Director: Marius Gabriel Stancu)
Rosa is celebrating the anniversary of her engagement with Roberto. While she waits for him for dinner, she spends the afternoon in the pool with her younger brother Angelo. They begin to comment on a news story from few days earlier: the body of a boy found in a field near the city. Roberto arrives before they expected and the glances between the three become enigmatic and restless.

Watch the trailer for Male Shorts: International V6 below and click here to pre-order your copy. The collection will be available on DVD and VOD starting December 12th at TLAgay.


Passages, one of the year’s most acclaimed gay films, is coming to DVD and Blu-ray

“PROFOUNDLY REAL” – Los Angeles Times

“SMART AND PRECISE” – The Independent

“BRACINGLY HONEST” – Time Magazine







A masterful work of psychosexual intensity, the newest film from celebrated filmmaker Ira Sachs (The DeltaLove is StrangeKeep the Lights On) offers one of the director’s most cutting variations on desire and intimacy.

Co-written by author and longtime collaborator Mauricio Zacharias, Passages follows Tomas (Franz Rogowski), a mercurial German filmmaker living in Paris whose commitment to his husband, Martin (Ben Whishaw), falls short when he pursues a dalliance with a young female school teacher named Agathe (Adele Exarchopoulos).

Martin begins his own affair soon after, while Tomas swings between both relationships and unleashes a reckless succession of breakups and makeups.

With fearless performances from Rogowski, Whishaw and Exarchopoulos, Sachs crafts a cinematic rarity in which the white-hot pleasures and compulsions of a particularly dysfunctional amour fou are kept on par with ferocious honesty.

Watch the trailer for Passages below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray starting December 12th at TLAgay.