Bel Ami’s Summer Break 1 is the vacation your cock needs right now

Oh my.

If you’re anything like us, and you’ve more or less had your fill with this god-awful winter weather (yes, we know that the past week has been a balmy 40 degrees, at least here in Philadelphia but STILL), then you probably owe it to yourself to take your cock on a vacation to a sunnier place where another group of boys sporting the usual flawless bodies and faces and cocks (obviously) that we’ve grown accustomed to from Bel Ami. The newest release, Summer Break 1, is heading your way quite soon, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it.

I swear, they must have some sort of factory where they churn out these young gods, because GOOD GOD.

Click through for more photos and the trailer. Enjoy.

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The Johnny Rapid blooper reel you didn’t know you needed

Clearly, we’re kinda obsessed with Johnny Rapid talking about his balls. Hey, wouldn’t you be?

You probably saw Johnny’s self-test PSA that we posted a few days ago (watch it here if you haven’t). We were also lucky enough to happen upon this great blooper reel, in which Johnny can’t seem to get his lines right for the life of him.

It’s kinda fucking adorable beyond belief. Enjoy!

This video has been brought to you by our good friend Charlie David, the fantastic documentary BALLS and the fine adult auteurs of

New from KinkMen: Beefcake Boys

KinkMen‘s got a brand new release coming your way, and as with all things Kink, it’s not for the faint of heart.

That said, we’re pretty huge fans of their ultra-rough, somewhat harrowing, Marquis De Sade-esque style of pornography, so we’re pretty damn pleased to be offering this sneak peek of the new DVD! Watch the trailer right here and check out the photo gallery below!

Beefcake Boys stars Alex Mecum, Chance Summerlin, Sebastian Keys, Steve Roman, Scott Ambrose and Tyler Rush and it’s…well…you should probably just watch the Alex Mecum trailer below and see for yourself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Johnny Rapid wants YOU to check your BALLS!

Men, have you checked your balls lately? If you haven’t, you should know that you’re not only risking your own testicular well-being, but also defying the wishes of porn superstar Johnny Rapid!

The makers of the fantastic ball-centric documentary – aptly titled BALLS – along with the good folks at have joined forces to present this charming (and somewhat NSFW) video to remind you to take a minute at least once per month to make sure your balls are in tip-top shape. After all, they’re pretty important, aren’t they?

Watch it here:

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Sneak Peek: His Son’s Best Friend 3

Good afternoon, gentlemen! We’ve got a bit of a treat for you. With the holiday season drilling deep into everyone’s stress levels, we figured you could probably use it.

We were lucky enough to stumble on this stunningly hot sneak peek of Icon Male’s upcoming release His Son’s Best Friend 3, and really, what better way to kick off your weekend and blow off some holiday nerves (or jizz, if we’re being honest) than by watching it on repeat all weekend?! Enjoy!

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Great gay holiday gifts (and some treats for yourself) are on sale now at TLAgay!

Stop what you’re doing! Seriously, stop it. Stop whatever tremendously important appointments or meetings you’re in the middle of (we’d even suggest that you put any crude sex acts on hold), because you need to hop on your phone or computer and make your way over to, where we’re hosting our massive holiday sale.

From now through December 22nd, we’ll be offering 25% off everything in our warehouse, along with a good deal of our VOD offerings to boot!

CockyBoys’ Levi Karter,  photographed by Jake Jaxson & R.J. Sebastian exclusively for

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Q&A: Charlie David, producer and screenwriter of Mulligans

Gay movie mainstay Charlie David wrote and stars in this beloved kinda/sorta gay update of The Graduate!

Tyler (Derek Baynham) brings his college buddy Chase (David) home for the summer to hang out with his surprisingly hot dad, Nathan (Dan Payne), and mom, Stacey (Thea Gill from “Queer as Folk”). They have the picture-perfect, All-American life going on here in quaint Prospect Lake. The father-son duo golf with regularity, there’s always a family barbecue and the conversation is straight out of “Leave It to Beaver.” While Chase knows he’s gay, he has never come out to his friend, who tries in vain to set him up with girls. But when Chase comes out to his summer family, the cracks in the family dynamic start to show. Nathan looks with a lusty new eye to his son’s best friend, and when he and Chase are left alone for the night, their mutual passion bubbles to the surface, and clothes are quickly shed. The drama hits a peak as Tyler and Stacey return early and discover the shocking secret about this young dad. Can Nathan remain true to himself and keep his family together? Sparkling dialogue, a fast pace and lots of screen time for the ridiculously gorgeous Charlie David have made Mulligans, originally released in 2008, a movie we keep coming back to again and again.

With the 10th anniversary of Mulligans approaching, we thought it was a great time to revisit the film, so we’re presenting this Q&A with Charlie. Enjoy!

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8 Sean Cody GIFs that’ll make your Wednesday worthwhile!

Arguably one of the most popular and beloved gay porn studios on planet earth, Sean Cody has had most of us here in the office entranced from the get-go. Showcasing a bevy of some of the hottest, most-chiseled, most sexually satisfying mono-named models in gay porn history, the studio’s roster reads like a Hall of Fame: Brandon, Calvin, Curtis, Ethan, Jess, Pierce (aka Ryan Rose), Stu… it’s practically ridiculous. They finally went condom-free towards the end of 2011, and released their first DVD – Brandon – in 2015. (We’d been begging for them to do so for years; they’re consistently some of our best-sellers.)

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, we bestow upon you a few treats that’re certain to make you wanna unwrap your box. Click on any image to see the movie it’s from!

Click through for many more!

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