An aspiring drag queen discovers the meaning of family in the comedy-drama Queen Tut

Following the death of his mother, Egyptian teen Nabil (Ryan Ali) moves to Toronto to live with his traditionally-minded father.

Once there, he meets Malibu (Alexandra Billings), a local proprietor who is on a crusade to protect Mandy’s, her drag nightclub and queer haven, from demolition. The shy Nabil, wanting to learn how to sew like his seamstress mother, soon finds a drag mother mentor in the exuberant Malibu, who makes all her own dresses.

As the boy begins to find his true self, the fight to save the club quickly escalates, pitting Nabil against his architect father and drag queens and queer artists against the gentrification-minded establishment.

Funny, inspiring and packed with memorable performances, director Reem Morsi‘s Queen Tut is a rousingly entertaining and insightful coming out drag tale.


Watch the trailer for Queen Tut below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and VOD at TLAgay starting May 14th.


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