Out This Week: Elephant

From Polish writer-director Kamil KrawczyckiElephant is a gorgeous gay romance following Bartek (Jan Hrynkiewicz), a dutiful son who runs a small horse farm and looks after his mother (Ewa Kolasinska) – who is afraid of being left alone.

One day, Dawid (Pawel Tomaszewski) arrives in town for his father’s funeral. An older, more cosmopolitan musician, Dawid and Bartek have seemingly little in common. Nonetheless, the pair soon find themselves embroiled in an illicit affair which quickly evolves into a deep romance.

When Bartek goes with Dawid to a gay club in a nearby city, the sudden freedom begins to fuel his desire to leave home, but his familial responsibilities weigh heavily on his heart. Will he find the courage to leave home and reach out for the happiness he deserves?

Shot partly in one of Poland’s notoriously conservative “LGBT-free zones” – areas that reject any form of “LGBT propaganda” – making Elephant is a surprisingly subversive film that tells a moving, proudly old-fashioned romantic story.


Watch the trailer for Elephant below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD at TLAgay.


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