Just Came Out: Patterns

There’s something for everyone in the new British anthology series Patterns. Like a cross between Sex Education and Black Mirror, each episode tells a full self-contained story, but they all take place in the same universe. A minor character in one episode may reappear as the lead in another and vice-versa.

In Reverse Catfish, a hot young rugby player who finds that people only date him for his good looks and sets about trying to change their perception. SuperBen follows an imaginative boy who gets up close and personal with his superhero crush. Delivered is about a hungry young man on an oppressive diet who becomes unusually obsessed with his pizza delivery guy. And there are many more episodes where those came from.


Smart, sexy and deeply funny, this series touches on a range of topical issues, including LGBTQ matters, family problems, conspiracy theories and reality television. Moreover, each of the eight episodes draws from a different comedic style, such as pantomime, sitcom and slapstick.

Watch the trailer for Patterns below and click here to order your copy. The series is now available on DVD at TLAgay.




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