Just Came Out: Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is a beautifully intimate portrait of an emotionally exposed man and the profound impact a surprising homoerotic attraction has on the course of his life.

An unexpected moment in a session with a client forces a psychologist to confront his own inner desires. Alienated by the isolation of his seemingly perfect city life, the powerful same-sex attraction compels him to look at the hidden parts of his true psyche, figuring it is the only way that he can find out who he really is.

Director Karel Tuytschaever explores how film can be used to focus on physicality – ensuring that same audiovisual work can provide, as much as possible, the same experience for both hearing and non/partially-hearing viewers. Queerty called the finished product “a radical feature.” Edge Media Network called it “a unique, surreal, enigmatic experience.”


Watch the trailer for Easy Tiger below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD at TLAgay.


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