Just Came Out: Horseplay

Horseplay, the new feature from prolific filmmaker Marco Berger, takes place during a scorching Argentine summer, following a group of testosterone-charged male friends who get together at a luxury villa to enjoy a little vacation. They’re soon drinking, partying hard, making videos together… and testing one another’s boundaries.

A rare mix of homophobia and horseplay come together to create a wildly homoerotic atmosphere. Under the surface, jealousy and violence begin to emerge. A twisted triangle of friends – a repressed gay man, a secret bisexual boy and a homophobe – will push tensions to the limit.

As with much of Berger’s work – he previously helmed films liked The Blonde One, Young Hunter, Taekwondo and AbsentHorseplay expertly amplifies the homoerotic undercurrents of frat-style male friendships, exploring his characters’ toned physiques as much as their inner thoughts. While the surface of the film offers a wealth of hunky eye-candy, it also doubles as an intelligent, challenging and sometimes shocking critique of sexual misconduct and toxic masculinity.

Watch the trailer for Horseplay below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD at TLAgay.



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