Out This Week: Love in Country

From co-directors Kurt Braun and Richard Gayton, Love in Country is an ambitious indie film that aims to honor LGBTQ+ veterans – and all Americans – serving in the military. Set in 1968, it follows two gay U.S. Army point men who fall in love while serving in Vietnam.

Ian Alexander and John Reese (Michael Southworth and David Garber) are both highly trained Army Rangers whose relationship is an open secret Рwith varying degrees of acceptance, conflict and rejection. The other members of their squad have more important issues to deal with than this couple’s unconventional sexuality: survival and doing their job.

Meanwhile, Ian and Reese’s bond makes them unstoppable on the battlefield. When the deranged Captain Heinrick (Vincent van Hinte) leads them on a particularly risky mission, Ian and Reese must accomplish the objective and try to survive to keep their love alive.

Watch the trailer for Love in Country below and click here to order your copy. The film is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.




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