Coming Soon: The First Fallen

Set in 1983 The First Fallen follows a young biologist (Johnny Massaro) who returns home from studies abroad and starts to feel that there is something wrong with his body. This is the beginning of the AIDS crisis – when the first wave of the epidemic hit Brazil. Lives will change, friends will be lost and gained and the future is suddenly uncertain.

With energy, humor and righteous anger, director Rodrigo de Oliveira creates a drama full of powerful performances, vibrant color and dramatic craft. Partly entertainment and partly a work of cinematic activism, The First Fallen takes audiences on an emotional journey, offering up a powerful ode to the victims of the AIDS crisis and the community of solidarity and support that formed during those terrifying early days.


Watch the trailer for The First Fallen below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD beginning February 21st.


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