This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY!


Shall I Compare You to a Summer’s Day?
In this contemporary queer musical from Egyptian director Mohammad Shawky Hassan, soft speaking voices and a dreamlike soundscape of Egyptian pop music combine to create an almost hallucinatory cinematic experience. Based on a diary of the filmmaker’s personal love stories, and told in the form of a tale from “One Thousand and One Nights,” Hassan’s film gives us a glimpse into the sensual experiences of gay Egyptian men. Telling their stories with humor, tenderness and wit, the power of prose commands attention and allows viewers to be completely swept up in Hassan’s unique vision. With gorgeous colors, handsome actors and imaginative editing, Shall I Compare You To a Summer’s Day? is a truly unique gay fantasia.


A Dim Valley
Ecology grad students Albert and Ian (Whitmer Thomas and Zach Weintraub) are spending the summer collecting samples with their curmudgeonly advisor (Robert Longstreet). At his woodsy cabin along the Appalachian Trail, close quarters foster comical friction and unexpected bonds between the two young men. When three mysterious, enigmatic female backpackers (Rachel McKeon, Feathers Wise and Rosalie Lowe) crash into their lives, they push the men to open up to one another and their true feelings soon begin to deepen. A clever new indie gem from writer-director Brandon Colvin, A Dim Valley is partly a queer allegory, partly a hilarious stoner comedy and partly a transcendental meditation on mysticism and love.


Brothers of the Night
Good looks can be a blessing and a curse. Against the backdrop of Vienna’s skyline live the underdogs of respectable society. Sporting their leather jackets like suits of armor, these Bulgarian hotties pose, play and seduce “young Marlon Brando-style.” They moved to Vienna in search of adventure and a quick buck, but poverty has drawn them to sell their bodies instead. Sucked into an inescapable nocturnal life, they spend their nights servicing lonely male admirers. A cutting-edge, relentlessly stylish pseudo-documentary, Brothers of the Night is earning raves. According to Filmstarts “had Fassbinder made a documentary about Viennese prostitutes, it would look like this.” Les Inrockuptibles said that “it’s a film of real beauty.”


Mr. Leather
In April of 2018, São Paulo played host to the 2nd annual Brazilian Mr. Leather competition… and things got heated. Mr. Leather offers up a front-row seat – and takes you deep behind the scenes – as five individual contestants vie for full leather dominance. The winner will be crowned by Dom Barbudo, the first official Mr. Leather of Brazil. Along with victory comes a year-long commitment to promoting the leather community throughout the country, even in the face of increasingly conservative values and political unrest. Making his feature film debut, writer-director Daniel Nolasco follows all the action, creating gorgeous and intensely provocative compositions that celebrate the unique power of this thriving subculture.


You Can’t Escape Lithuania
After Indre (Irina Lavrinovic), his star actor, murders her mother, wealthy and egocentric filmmaker Romas (Denisas Kolomyckis) decides to help her escape Lithuania. Carlos (Adrian Escobar), Romas’ incredibly attractive Mexican boyfriend, reluctantly joins the trip. On the road, Romas starts shooting an improvised experimental film, provoking Marta and Carlos for his art and personal amusement. As events take an unexpected turn, the trio’s secrets, memories and emotions make this journey wilder than any film Romas could have envisioned. From prolific director Romas Zabarauskas, You Can’t Escape Lithuania is a tense and insightful road movie about the making of art, the intricacies of relationships… and murder.

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