20 Gay Horror Movies to Stream This Halloween!


It’s time to light a few candles, turn down the lights, open up the windows to let in that fresh autumn breeze and enjoy some seasonally-appropriate scary movies! Here is a list of 20 Gay Horror Movies You Can Watch RIGHT NOW at TLAgay!


Alpha Delta Zatan
Starring an all-male of cast of underwear-clad up-and-comers, Alpha Delta Zatan delivers audiences a fun, sensual spin on the “sorority massacre” sub-genre of horror flicks. A goofy but noble young college kid is pleasantly surprised to learn that he’s been invited to join his school’s most exclusive fraternity house. Unfortunately, he’s about to discover that there is something far scarier than hazing rituals in his future… especially once the masked, knife-wielding slasher shows up.


Arrebato (Rapture)
Horror movie director Jose is adrift in a sea of doubt and drugs. When he receives a mysterious package from past acquaintance – containing a reel of film, an audiotape and a door key – the boundaries of time, space and sexuality are erased and he soon finds himself trapped in a hallucinogenic new reality. Made in 1979, Arrebato (a.k.a. Rapture) happens to be Pedro Almodovar’s favorite horror film. With a brand-new 4K restoration, this dimension-shattering blend of hard drugs, graphic sex and sinister Super-8 looks better than ever.

Handsome gay Londoners Marc and Fred (Tom Bateman and Sean Teale) plan a weekend of mischief, returning to bait the owner of a remote B&B who they successfully sued a year prior for not allowing them to share a bed. Events take a deadly turn when another guest, with far more sinister intentions, arrives. Marc and Fred’s weekend of fun turns into a suspenseful battle for survival in this smart, comedic dark thriller. B&B will keep you guessing until the end!


Bite Marks
Hunky truck driver Brewster (Benjamin Lutz) takes over his missing brother’s delivery of coffins. On the way to his funeral home destination, he picks up some hitchhikers: the cute and wise-cracking Cary (Windham Beacham) and his smitten but tense boyfriend Vogel (David Alanson). When a faulty GPS leads them to a deserted junkyard, an assortment of blood-thirty monsters begin to attack! Now, the mismatched trio must try to survive until dawn in this gory gay indie.


Black Briefs
Curated by writer/director Rob Williams, Black Briefs features six short films with horror-adjacent stories and themes. Highlights include Hong Khaou’s Spring, about a young man who meets up with a stranger for some exploratory sadomasochistic sex; and Jack Plotnick’s Video Night, in which a group of filmmakers discover something unexpected in their footage. Our favorite is Greg Ivan Smith’s Remission, following a man, alone in a secluded cabin, haunted by a terrifying figure.


Bloody Knuckles
Travis (Adam Boys), an underground comic book artist, lost his hand to a thin-skinned Chinatown crime lord. Drinking way too much, Travis wallows in post-severed hand depression. But when his hand comes back to him, seemingly alive, slightly rotted and determined to exact revenge, they team up with a masked gay S&M superhero to rid the city of evil and criminality once and for all. Bloody Knuckles is a deliriously offensive, gory and happily un-PC horror-comedy.


A Closer Walk with Thee
Jordan (AJ Knight) is a good Christian kid, except that he’s starting to have impure sexual thoughts about his close friend and fellow missionary Eli (Gregory Shelby). Eli, a fledgling exorcist, suggests that a demonic possession might be causing these feelings. Indeed, Jordan begins to enact signs of possession, prompting Eli to take action. What begins as a ritualistic method of trying to save their friendship quickly spirals out of control and descends into darkness and violence.


Dark, intense, funny, romantic and often shocking, this genre-hopping anthology film from director Mark Bessenger features sixteen monologues from different gay men. “The Actor,” “The Wrestler,” “The Porn Agent,” “The Beard,” “The Sweet Sixteen” and many more share their deepest secrets and most taboo desires (some of which are truly horrific) in quick, eye-popping vignettes. Don’t miss this unique, endlessly fun and achingly sexy experimental film.


Marcos is a struggling low-budget filmmaker who is desperate to finish his latest project – a queer take on Italian Giallo thrillers of the 1970s. But when the cast and crew of his movie end up the victims of a deranged serial killer, he quickly becomes both a prime suspect for the investigators and the killer’s next potential target! He finds he must keep working if he wants to survive! Paying homage to sleazy Euro-thrillers, this vibrant new horror-comedy melds together mystery, camp, pastiche and heavy doses of homoeroticism.


Der Samurai
Jakob (Michel Diercks) is a policeman in a village deep in the woods, where little happens until the arrival of a mysterious wolf starts causing havoc. Working the night shift, Jakob is tracking the wolf… only to discover that the lupine lurker is actually a man clad only in lipstick and a ladies’ slip, and toting a samurai sword that he uses to lop off the heads of the townspeople. Jakob and the samurai seem to share a bond, and as the night gets darker, events get even weirder.


Devil’s Path
Two strangers (Stephen Twardokus and JD Scalzo) meet in a wilderness park where gay men cruise for sex. What seems like an innocent and random meeting quickly descends into a horrific nightmare. With recent disappearances, the two men find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse. As they flee further into the woods to escape the danger, they begin to understand that the greatest danger of all may be closer than either of them realize.


Drink Me
James and Andy (Emmett Friel and Darren Munn) seem to have everything they ever dreamed of… but things are about to change. When Andy loses his job, they decide to take in a handsome stranger named Sebastian (Chris Ellis-Stanton). Nightmares come to life as Andy realizes that Sebastian is hiding a dark secret. Could Sebastian be the killer stalking the streets of their neighborhood? A classically sexy horror-thriller, Drink Me is highly erotic, featuring three hot lead actors.


Innocent Boy
Off a lonely Texas highway, a group of hustlers prey on the desperados who come to their backwoods home for sex and drugs. When a murderous cowboy (Kamy D. Bruder) rolls into town, Penny (Unique Jenkins), a young trans boy, is pushed to survive the night and change his less-then-ideal life in the process. An expertly-crafted short film debut from writer-director Brock Cravy, Innocent Boy is a wild, colorful, shocking and original vision of queer horror.


Kissing Darkness
A group of college boys, bored with the everyday “gay life” of LA, decide to skip pride weekend. Instead, they gear up for a camping trip in the woods. Quickly into their trip, the boys venture into a game that ultimately unleashes the vengeful spirit of a local legend known as “Malice Valeria.” Overcome by her deadly plan of tainted love and her thirst to take back what was lost long ago, the boys must now band together before they fall victim to the poisons of a broken heart.


This sexually explicit throwback thriller from visionary writer-director Yann Gonzalez is a must-see. Vanessa Paradis stars as Anne, a savvy French woman who produces third-rate gay porn. When one of her actors is brutally murdered, Anne gets caught up in a strange investigation that turns her life upside-down. Shot on 35mm and featuring a killer retro score, Knife+Heart is an ultra-stylish and blood-soaked ode to 1970s-era Brian De Palma, Dario Argento and William Friedkin.


Rapture in Blue
Ryder Houston’s Rapture in Blue follows a young man’s quest through flickering neon and hazy noir shadows to find his true self. After Jason (Bryce Lederer) tries to use his childhood home for a steamy rendezvous with his girlfriend, he discovers it newly occupied by the smoldering Sebastian (Tanner Garmon). Wracked with desires he’s long tried to ignore, a growing sense of unease permeates his life. He soon realizes he needs to confront the madness consuming him.


Gunnar (Björn Stefánsson) is woken up late at night by a call from his former boyfriend, Einar (Sigurður Þór Óskarsson), who is staying at his summer home in a remote part of Iceland. When Einar confesses that he has the feeling he isn’t alone, Gunnar drives out to join him. As the two work to navigate their broken relationship, they’re seemingly being stalked by a mysterious stranger lurking outside the cabin. Rift is a chilling relationship drama and psychological thriller.


Directed by Charlie David, Shadowlands tells three stories exploring the erotic and the macabre. The film begins in 1928 with a plastic surgeon hell-bent on human perfection. Fast forward to 1951 where we meet a gay military couple exploring the idea of opening their relationship while on a remote camping trip… where they meet a mysterious stranger. The stories conclude in 2018 when a painter, mourning the loss of his lover, becomes obsessed with re-creating him in his art.


The Skin of the Teeth
When Josef (Pascal Arquimedes) arrives at John’s (Donal Brophy) apartment for a date, their prickly energy slowly gives way to genuine chemistry. But after swallowing a pill with mind-bending effects, Josef quickly slides helplessly down a rabbit hole of temporal sleight-of-hand, plunged into a surreal interrogation of everything he is. A critically-acclaimed hit at film festivals, director Matthew Wollin’s heady thriller drew comparisons to Jordan Peele’s Get Out.


Tooth 4 Tooth
Beginning with a confrontation between religious zealots and drag performers, this stylish short horror film from director Alice Maio Mackay examines both literal and figurative monsters. While investigating the morder of a friend, a drag artist and an activist film themselves caught in an old war between those who feed on the blood of the fearful and those who feed on the blood of the hateful. Tooth 4 Tooth is a clever horror flick that marks the arrival of a promising filmmaker.


The Year I Lost My Mind
From prolific director Tor Iben comes The Year I Lost My Mind, a titillating thriller about a lonely young man who becomes dangerously obsessed with a mysterious stranger. After encountering him during a burglary, Tom (Alexander Tsypilev) begins stalking and antagonizing the attractive young Lars (Julien Lickert). When Lars finds out about Tom’s intentions, he manages to turn the tables on him, leading to a shocking confrontation (and a whole lot of sexual tension).

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