Out This Week: Gameboys: The Movie

Based on the popular “Boys Love” series, Gameboys: The Movie follows the story of gamers turned lovers Cairo and Gavreel (played by Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas).

The young pair have a few blissful weeks to spend together at Gavreel’s house before Cairo is set to return to his own province. What starts out as a romantic holiday for the young couple soon turns into an unexpected test of their relationship. Cairo is faced with the reality of his imminent departure while Gavreel is compelled to make a life-changing decision. After defying distance, and even the pandemic, will the two boys be able to prove that their love to one another is strong enough to withstand fate and circumstance?


Watch the trailer for Gameboys: The Movie below and click here to order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting this week.



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