Trailer Alert: The Schoolmaster Games

The Schoolmaster Games is a wildly original and deeply homoerotic new high school melodrama from Sweden.

Desires are running wild at the St. Sebastian, a school populated by gay men where everyone is free to express their sexuality. At the start of the school year, the much-desired Charles enters into a secret sexual power game orchestrated by the strict schoolmaster, who is plagued by memories from a time long before the erotic acceptance that currently prevails at the school. When the competition for the prestigious “Winter Procession” tightens, friendships crack and the utopian existence begins to fall apart piece by piece.

“With The Schoolmaster Games I wanted to make a classic melodrama for a new era – a suggestive, sexy, delicate and cocky film about daring to love,” said director Ylva Forner. “I wanted to address the big themes in a poetic and pleasurable manner, make a movie that reminds you of a bombastic power ballad. And with its overall theme of longing – longing for the center of attention, for belonging, for love, for sex – I want to draw your attention to what you long for yourself.”

Watch the trailer for The Schoolmaster Games below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and VOD November 29th.



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