Trailer Alert: Albatross

Worlds collide at an awkward dinner party in 1959 New England in Albatross, a stylish new indie drama from writer-director Myles Yaksich.

After moving to a new town, Elizabeth and Thomas Miller (Katherine Gauthier and Romaine Waite) find themselves at a crossroad. They are childless, he’s an unpublished writer and she’s tired of cutting checks to keep them afloat. Thomas’ work suffers to the point that his publisher wants him to ditch his novel about the Black experience to write a more commercially viable harlequin romance.

Meanwhile, Carol and Dr. Lloyd Burke (Sarah Orenstein and David Keeley) have built an imposing fa├žade, glorifying the societal ideals of the era. They have an impressive home, a prominent role at their country club and a son studying medicine. But, behind closed doors, the couple is haunted by the cracks in their relationship and his use of controversial psychiatric techniques.

With style to spare, Albatross thoughtfully examines the concept of self in the context of society, while illustrating the compromises individuals make to feel as though they belong. Ultimately, tables are turned, secrets revealed and we’re left questioning who really pulls the strings in this tense game of social chess.


Watch the trailer for Albatross below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD beginning October 4th.


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