Trailer Alert: A Sexplanation

A Sexplanation is just your typical queer, Asian American, comedic sex documentary about the unusual search for love, connection and family acceptance!

From neuroscience labs to church pews, the film features provocative conversations with psychologists, sex researchers – and even a Jesuit priest. With humor and grit, director Alex Liu takes audiences on a playful, heartfelt journey from a shame-filled past to a happier, healthier, sexier future.

Like many Americans in the ’90s, the adults in Alex’s life taught him that abstinence made him good. These tactics worked to suppress his sexuality – all the more so because he was gay and conflicted about it. Ultimately, years of repression disconnected him from his body, his desires and his family.

Now in his 30s, Alex still hasn’t outgrown these hang-ups. The fearmongering from school, media and religion continues to permeate throughout his life in both big ways and small.

Fed up, Alex decides it’s time to turn years of fear and loathing into something positive and humorous. A Sexplanation follows his pursuit of shame-free pleasure and call for comprehensive sex education. Along the way, he’s surprised to discover it’s never too late to have “The Talk” – even with the parents he’s kept at a distance.

Watch the trailer for A Sexplanation below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD at TLAgay starting October 11th.


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