Coming Soon: Iftah

A 41-minute film from first-time director Moti Rachamim, Iftah follows a young man who, after years of denying his sexuality, leaves his family behind to start a new life in Tel-Aviv.

Iftah (Zohar Sabag) is attracted to men, but finds himself torn between his former family life and this new one of solitude. He is consumed with guilt and feels disconnected from everything around him – including the men he longs for.

Moving through different time periods, this contemplative Israeli drama shows both the romantic and traumatic scenes from Iftah’s life. We see him as a youth discovering his sexual identity. We also see scenes from the last days of his marriage, the drama from which ensued the break-up of his family and the freedom to truly become himself.

Watch a short teaser trailer for Iftah below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray exclusively at TLAgay beginning June 28th.


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