Trailer Alert: Potato Dreams of America

Obsessed with old Hollywood movies and concerned for her son’s future in the USSR of the 1980s, Lena (played by both Sera Barbieri and Marya Sea Kaminski) becomes a mail-order bride and moves to the United States. Though she hopes to give her son, Potato (Hersh Powers and Tyler Bocock), a better life, things veer off course when his burgeoning sexuality and love of New Queer Cinema clash with his new father’s political and religious points of view.

Stylized and deliciously campy, Potato Dreams of America¬†conjures a portrayal of the American dream that is as hopeful and hilarious as it is dizzying. Featuring a star-studded LGBTQ+ cast including Lea DeLaria and Jonathan Bennett, writer/director Wes Hurley‘s autobiographical crowd-pleaser is sure to spark whimsical wonder.

Watch the trailer for Potato Dreams of America below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD on February 22nd.


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