Trailer & Photo Gallery: Bringing Him Back

A deeply affecting new film about loss, love and human connection, writer-director Borja de la Vega‘s Bringing Him Back is a rich character drama with a surprisingly erotic sting.

Moi (Ricardo Gomez) travels with his boyfriend, Biel (Eneko Sagardoy), to his family home after the death of his mother. Despite arriving to the warm embrace of his sister (Bruna Cusi), Moi struggles to come to terms with his new reality, manifesting in a new disconnect with Biel. When his sister’s boyfriend (Joe Manjon) surprises everyone with his unannounced arrival, their delicate seclusion is shattered- replaced by a potently sensual and tense mood.

Watch the trailer for Bringing Him Back below and click here to pre-order your copy. We also have an extensive photo gallery available below for your viewing pleasure! The film will be available on DVD starting January 18th.



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