Altered Innocence is releasing a new special edition of the underseen queer indie classic Wild Tigers I Have Known

In Wild Tigers I Have Known, visionary director Cam Archer portrays the lives of teens in awkward gay first love.

Originally released in 2006, Wild Tigers I Have Known was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival and LGBTQ film festivals around the globe, but didn’t quite attract the same attention as similar contemporary films like Mysterious Skin, Thirteen or The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. That’s a shame because Wild Tigers I Have Known is a true queer coming-of-age indie gem that seems ahead of its time 15 years later. It’s hard to imagine a film like it being made today, yet it feels completely essential at the same time.

The film follows Logan (Malcolm Stumpf), a middle schooler who is crushing on an older classmate named Rodeo (Patrick White). As the pair spend time together, Logan’s infatuation grows. Exploring gender fluidity for the first time, he invents a female persona and starts making sexually provocative phone calls to Rodeo at night, hoping to get even closer to the object of his affection.

For the film’s 15th Anniversary, cult indie label Altered Innocence has put together a restored version of this experimental queer classic on DVD and Blu-ray and packed it with tons of exclusive special features.

Watch the new trailer for Wild Tigers I Have Known below and click here to pre-order your copy. The new special edition will be available starting October 26th.


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