Trailer Alert: Horror, Sex and Hair Curlers

Francose (Karine Lyachenko) is spying on her husband Robert (Olivier Ruidavet). She suspects that he may be cheating on her – and the intuitive hairdresser is right to trust her instincts. She soon spots Robert stepping inside a gay sex club with an alluring, leather-clad young man (Jordan Large), as handsome as he is mysterious. Francose is furious, but she has no idea how weird and horrific this day is about to get!

Funny, sexy and stylish, Horror, Sex and Hair Curlers is an award-winning eighteen-minute short film from from French director Philippe Solange, who blends horror and comedy into one wild ride that takes an unexpected turn.


Watch the trailer for Horror, Sex and Hair Curlers below. The film is available now on-demand at TLAgay!


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