Coming Soon: My Dead Ones

The debut feature of Brazilian writer-director Diego Freitas, My Dead Ones is a subtly homoerotic new psychological thriller about burgeoning sexuality, murderous revenge and obsession.

Davi (Nicolas Prattes) is a shy film student who spends most of his life behind a camera, viewing the world as an observer instead of a participant. His life starts to change when he meets Jonates (Andre Hendges), an alluring man who brings the young voyeur out of his shell and makes him feel like he’s worthy of love. Their budding relationship is threatened, however, by a spate of gruesome murders… which have a connection to Davi’s troubled past. When news spreads of a killer on campus, his worlds collide and the truth finally comes out.

Watch the trailer for My Dead Ones below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film will be available on DVD starting May 25th.


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