The romantic 18-minute gay short film Sacrifice is now available on-demand!

Created and written by lead actor Leigh Smith, the new 18-minute short film Sacrifice follows two protagonists as they enter a new phase in their relationship. James (Smith), a humanitarian rights lawyer, and Blake (Jesse Everett), a military officer, are continually torn apart by their overwhelming sense of duty – and their struggle to lead a “normal and quiet life.” They love each other unconditionally, but their sense of duty is equally as important to both them, especially due to Blake’s military background.

Sacrifice aims to show that love is the greatest sacrifice of all, regardless of race, gender and everything in between. The film also pays tribute to those in the military history of Australia who were unrecognized in their service due to their sexuality prior to the fundamental mind-shift in regulations. Director Anna Maguire brings an incredible sense of vision and understanding to the poignant issues outlined in the story of James and Blake.

Check out the trailer for Sacrifice below and click here to watch the film. It’s available now to rent or download at TLAgay!


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