This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


A Skeleton in the Closet
When Manuel (Facundo Gambande) returns to his hometown on the occasion of his parents’ wedding anniversary, he has a bit of an ulterior motive. He’s planning to ask for money so that he can move to Denmark with his boyfriend. The last time he saw his family, he came out of the closet – and things have been tense ever since. When his boyfriend suddenly dumps him, Manuel finds himself diving head-first into an existential crisis. Now more in need of his family’s love and support than ever, an unexpected opportunity to reconnect presents itself. Featuring a terrifically endearing lead performance, A Skeleton in the Closet is a tender and heartfelt Argentinian family comedy-drama that you don’t want to miss.


British comedian Simon Amstell wrote and directed this charmingly offbeat gay romantic comedy about a filmmaker juggling the excitement of his upcoming film premiere with the fear and awkwardness of a burgeoning romance. Always ready with a self-defensive quip, indie film director Benjamin (Colin Morgan) nervously prepares for the premiere of his sophomore feature when he meets and falls for hard for Noah (Phenix Brossard), a young French musician. Will Benjamin’s insecurities and anxieties get in the way of success and happiness? Will his film be a critics-savaging disaster and he, a one-hit wonder? Benjamin is a charming, laugh-out-loud look at one man’s land mined road to success and love.


Bombshell is a short web comedy about Jay (Ellis David Perry), a queer transman navigating the shark-infested waters of LA’s gay dating scene. He’s young, he’s single, and he’s really just looking for fun and sex, meeting guys mostly on hookup apps. But, when the bedroom door closes, his private world becomes an arena for cis men and the questions they only feel safe to ask in private. Jay’s chosen family is with him on his journey, starting with his primary relationships with cis women: Selena (Jessica Rosas), his gluten-intolerant Angeleno best friend and Darlene (Cheril Vendetti), the Bostonian hairdresser/problematic fave who practically raised him and Penis Mascot (Charles Johnson), the cartoon caped penis who personifies his id. When he meets Joe (Havon Baraka), a kind genuine guy who’s really into him, he doesn’t exactly know how to act and must learn self respect to save any hope for his new relationship.


French Kisses
Get seduced by some of the best gay short films from France in one exquisite collection! In Apollo, we follow a modern teenager, riddled with insecurities who keeps fantasizing about an ever more muscular body – and an even bigger banana. Herculaneum concerns three “appointments,” two men and a volcano that growls. In The Body of Angels, Remi listens to the birds and falls in the hedges while, Gabriel does something far more sinister. In En Retour, Jean-Marc meets Simon, a younger man, for dinner. After a promising start, the evening plunges into extreme drama. Ruptures follows Gabriel and Andre, ex-boyfriends who cross paths for the first time in ten years. Finally, in Juliet Electrique, 14-year-olds Thomas and Victor visit an abandoned bridge and soon face their most secret fears and desires.


Three young artists – a trans opera singer and disc jockey, a Middle Eastern American performance artist and a gay film maker (played by Dino PetreraCatiriana Reyes and Robbie Gottlieb) – share a tiny studio apartment while they look for love and fame in New York City. It’s not an easy day-to-day life. They scrimp and save and scam and steal their way from month to month. Somehow they survive… but in the new world shared economy they are always just one click away from losing everything. Squirrels is a thoughtful indie about modern bohemia from prolific filmmaker Todd Verow.

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