Now Available On-Demand: Dry Wind

“An erotic fever dream.” – That Shelf

“A sultry and stylish portrait of sexual obsession on the down low.” – MiamiArtZine

“Dry Wind’s powerful and unabashed representation of homosexuality is momentous.” – One Room with a View

“Sex, desire, swimming, neon, labor unions, secret leather parties, daydreams, nightmares and chapped lips. Dry Wind truly has everything!” – BostonHassle

“The performances reach into emotional nuance even during moments of explicit sex.” – Edge Media Network

“It adds up to a fun, playful, sexually-charged atmosphere that’s never not fun to look at.” – The Queer Review

“There is such a dexterous wit to these defiantly subversive scenes that somehow even the sleaziest of them is interpreted with a strange gentleness.” – Variety

“Shot with a flair that gives the hi-viz work uniforms a fizzy vibrancy it also has a pore plunging realism.” – Queer Guru

A gloriously erotic new film from Brazilian director Daniel Nolasco (Mr. Leather), Dry Wind follows factory worker Sandro (Leandro Faria Lelo) as he escapes his rural boredom via secret trysts with his co-worker Ricardo (Allan Jacinto Santana) – and through elaborate sexual fantasies that would make Tom of Finland himself blush.

Though his sex life is in full swing, Sandro shies away from any emotional attachment, preferring to imagine worlds of anonymity, leather and unbridled fetish-play – which Nolasco brings to stunning life in color-drenched widescreen glory. When a new arrival to town – a certified hunk straight out of Sandro’s dreams – sets his sights on Ricardo, Sandro finds himself brimming with jealousy and fearing exclusion from the kind of romance he never thought he wanted.

Easily one of the year’s hottest and most unique gay movies, Dry Wind is a smart and sensual exploration of desire featuring the kind of realistically rugged cast you don’t often find in gay films. For discerning adult audiences, we can’t recommend it more highly.


The EXCLUSIVE UNCUT VERSION is available now on-demand at TLAgay! Click here to rent or download the film!

Warning: Dry Wind features graphic, unsimulated sex scenes. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.




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