This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! Stay home, stay safe and enjoy a movie!


Kept Boy
Farleigh Knock (Thure Riefenstein) is wildly successful. An famous interior designer and host of a successful reality show, Farleigh has great taste and uses his money to ensure that he’s surrounded by beautiful things. One of those “things” is Dennis (Jon Paul Phillips), Farleigh’s handsome, much-younger boyfriend – who lives the high-life thanks to his youth and good looks. There’s just one problem: no one stays young forever. As his thirtieth birthday approaches, his benefactor whispers those six little words every “kept boy” dreads hearing: “Get a job… or get out.” Soon enough, Dennis finds himself being replaced by a sexy, younger pool boy. No longer a kept boy, he finds himself a lost man – learning, slowly, that it’s never too late to become the man you should have been all along… and that, sometimes, living the good life with a sugar daddy can be bittersweet.


Bitter Years
The stylish new biographical drama Bitter Years retraces the real life of Mario Mieli, one of the founders of the Italian Homosexual Liberation Movement, created in Italy at the beginning of the 1970s. An activist, intellectual, writer and performer, Mario was a key figure on the Italian cultural scene. Though he died way too young in 1983, his short life was packed with powerful incident. The film follows him through his childhood years – examining a complicated relationship with his parents – to the last years of his life with partner Umberto Pasti – which tell an equally difficult and intense love story. Newcomer Nicola De Benedetto is also a complete revelation in a very challenging lead role.


Deleted Scenes
With Deleted Scenes, prolific underground filmmaker Todd Verow made what could easily qualify as one of his best features. Edgy and fragmented, the film tells a tale of love, passion and dysfunction. When 30-something Sean (Michael Vaccaro) meets Eastern European immigrant Wolf (Ivica Kovacevic), the sparks quickly fly. They return to Sean’s apartment to begin a high energy affair. What starts as a mere chance meeting slowly evolves into something more. Wolf is easy going, turning tricks to supplement his living, while Sean is needy, talkative and neurotic. Creating a stable relationship is fraught with problems. With Wolf disappearing for hours at a time and Sean doing drugs, the two of them seem to be headed down a path of destruction. Told like a tale made up entirely of Deleted Scenes, Verow pushes the envelope of creativity and sensuality.


Set within the luxurious confines of a modern vacation villa in the Portuguese countryside, the stylish new thriller Sunburn examines a close-knit group friends who share a long (and slowly teased-out) history. Our four protagonists come together for a peaceful weekend retreat by the pool. Unfortunately, their calm is quickly shattered by a phone call from David, a former friend, previously ostracized by the group, who seems to have left a strong and lasting impression on each of them. After a long absence, he’s back in town and planning to stop by. It’s at this point that Sunburn starts ramping up the dread. A reckoning, of some sort, is coming. What happened between David and the rest of the group to inspire such mixed emotions?


We first meet Jack (Conor Donnally), a homeless hustler with a smart mouth and impulsive tendencies, in New York City, turning tricks on the evening before his eighteenth birthday. He spends most of his time in a world of often abusive, but affluent, eccentrics. His only ally is his boyfriend Tom (Sean Ormond). Jack soon sees an opportunity to make a better life for himself by taking a trip to Miami with a client named Ken (Terrance Murphy). At first, Ken appears more honest and caring than the usual john, even winning Jack’s trust… until Jack finds him on a Skype call with his never-mentioned wife. His faith in humanity smashed yet-again, Jack steals Ken’s drugs and handgun. Embarking on a drug- binge, he encounters the slimiest characters Miami has to offer, falling deeper into the hole than he started.

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