Now Available On-Demand: Siberia & Him

In the stunning new gay romance Siberia & Him, two men begin a clandestine and erotically charged affair – far removed from the prying eyes of their dictatorial society.

Brothers-in-law Sasha, a meek farmhand, and Dima, a policeman, have always had a fraught relationship. When the two set out on a trip together through the desolate, wide-open country of Siberia in an effort to reach a troubled relative, things begin to change. Along their journey, unspoken truths are uttered and a deep intimacy is built. The pair soon become not only travel companions, but secret lovers – spending their days hiking and hunting for food and their nights in one another’s arms. Although they may be far from their oppressive society, their relationship teeters on a dangerous precipice.


Watch the trailer for Siberia & Him below and click here to watch the film or order your copy. The film is now available on-demand.


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