You can now STREAM FOR LIFE at TLAgay!

We’re thrilled to announce that we now have Download + Stream for Life On-Demand options at TLAgay!


Purchase your favorite movies and scenes and keep them forever!

  • When a video is purchased, you OWN it forever

  • Choose from over 126,000 movies

  • OR, from over 565,000 individual scenes

  • Our system works on both MAC and Windows PCs as well as most mobile devices, tablets, and other internet connected devices

  • No viewing limits… watch the movies as often as you like

  • Download or stream your video


Life is a long time! We fill years and decades with experiences, memories, and friends. In the big picture, though, very few things last indefinitely. Recollections may fade and mementos may turn to dust, so that’s we’re proud to introduce a tiny taste of forever at TLAgay, your go-to resource for gay cinema and adult films! We invite you to take advantage of the newest TLAgay purchase option: stream for life!

Once you purchase an item using “stream for life,” you’ll have perpetual streaming access to that movie! All you’ll need to do is return to TLAgay’s official website to find your stream-for-life collection. And since our site is fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets, you’ll be able to watch your collection anywhere there’s an internet connection. In addition, the pricepoint for the stream-for-life is placed at an attractive medium range between the download purchase and the limited-time rental purchase. As a result, you can get more out of your buck! (And of course, all other VOD purchase options remain in effect, including PPM packages for pay-as-you-go watching.)

Purchasing a “stream from life” movie is simple. Navigate to your movie of choice and look for the third option in the VOD purchase panel. Then add the item to your chart and check out as normal. Voila! The movie is part of your TLAgay digital collection and yours to stream forever!


Below, you can see just a small selection of the gay movies available now with STREAM FOR LIFE options, but don’t stop there! We have a MASSIVE selection of films (both adult and non-adult) for you to explore at TLAgay!





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