Coming Soon: Daddy Issues

Maya (Madison Lawlor), a nineteen-year-old queer pixie dream girl, spends her days working on her art and cyber-stalkng her insta-crush, the sexually fluid fashion designer, Jasmine (Montana Manning). One night Maya boldly meets Jasmine in real life and there’s an instant spark. The two begin an inspiring romantic relationship that gives Maya her first taste of true love and Jasmine the inspiration she needs to jump start her career. It’s all gumdrops and fairy tales until Maya discovers that Jasmine is in a co-dependent relationship with a neurotic sugar daddy. What started as a dream come true turns into a beautiful nightmare.


Fast and frenzied in the best way possible, this colorful new romance from director Amara Cash is a unique addition to the queer cinema canon. Watch the trailer for Daddy Issues below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in June.


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