Orpheus Song is one of the year’s sexiest gay movies

As we’re all spending a lot of time indoors, we’re going to take the next few weeks to highlight some of our favorite films available RIGHT NOW, on-demand at TLAgay.com! Stay in, sit back, relax and make it a movie night.

In Orpheus Song, two hot, gym-obsessed friends from Berlin – one straight, Enis (Julien Lickert), and one gay, Philipp (Sascha Weingarten) – win a trip to Greece. While on a hike through the forest, they become lost. Tempers soon flare, escalating in a violent (and weirdly erotic) scuffle.

The boys wander all through the woods until they find an abandoned village where they encounter a mysterious and seductive stranger who calls himself Hercules (Henry Morales). Soon, Hercules has lead them to a magical underground cave. During the night, fueled by forbidden fruit Hercules had warned them against eating, passion ignites between Enis and Philipp. On the next day – and every day thereafter – nothing between the two will be like it was before.

Prolific queer writer-director Tor Iben’s erotic new film is a modern day variation on Greek mythology that will quickly have viewers falling under its sensual spell. You can watch the trailer for Orpheus Song below and click here to rent or download the film on-demand.

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