Don’t miss the sexy, stylish and provocative new short film MASS

In the brand-new 12-minute short film MASS, Trey (writer-director-star Linus Ignatius) finds his usual body dysmorphia is compounded by the fact that he is HIV-positive, and pretty freshly diagnosed. He’s soon stuck in the middle of a perfect storm of “I am not enough” feelings.

At night, he invites a macho, joyless man over to take advantage of him in the bedroom, and we see how Trey, in his self-loathing, brings people into his life who abuse him – reinforcing his role as the victim.

But there is a happy ending – as the next day dawns, and Trey continues on with his bulking progress, he becomes one pound heavier than the day before.

A sexy, stylish and thought-provoking short film, MASS is now available to rent or download at TLAgay. Watch the trailer below.

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