Now Available On-Demand: Words

From prolific trans director AJ Mattioli, the colorful, insightful and star-studded documentary Words is an exploration of how people navigate identity in the open and evolving landscape of New York City.

Using some of NYC’s most fluid scenes as a backdrop, Words investigates the dissonance between self and socially constructed identities as well as how these identities are contextualized in a range of environments from the world of the arts to the NYPD.

Featuring interviews with a wide variety of experts, drag icons and LGBTQIA+ activists (including Bob the Drag Queen, Miss Fame, Rain Dove, Marti Gould Cummings, Cory Wade, Frank Liotti, Carmen Carrera and more), Words was an official selection at countless film festivals and took home numerous trophies – including the Audience Award for Best Documentary at MEDff and Best Director of a Feature Documentary at the A.C. Cinefest.

Watch the trailer for Words below. The film is now available to stream at TLAgay!

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