Trailer Alert: The Harvesters

In a conservative farming territory obsessed with strength and masculinity, Janno (Brent Vermeulen) is different – secretive, emotionally frail and desperate to stifle his budding sexuality. One day his mother, fiercely religious, brings home Pieter (Alex van Dyk), a hardened street orphan she wants to save, and asks Janno to makes this stranger into his brother. The two boys start a fight for power, heritage and parental love.

An official selection of Cannes Un Certain Regard, writer-director Etienne Kallos‘ debut feature film explores teenage angst, sexual awakening and family dynamics set against a harsh yet stunning South African backdrop.

Watch the trailer for The Harvesters below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in December.

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