Out This Week: Night Out

Night Out expresses a primary human need to bridge our gap to eternity by making Dionysian feasts of dancing, drinking and having orgies,” says writer-director Stratos Tzitzis of his newest film.

“This is what the protagonists of this Berlin story actually do, depicting a contemporary aspect of this ancient subject and need. People nowadays go out more frequently than before, even every weekend, as the stress of our everyday life is more than that of our ancestors. Life has become tenser; therefore the need to relax and have fun is always present, urging us out of our homes and of ourselves.”

Taking place during one Saturday night, the colorful and alluring new Night Out takes audiences on an Altman-esque journey through the most sexually-liberated corners of Berlin. Follow multiple characters – a mix of hetero and gay singles, couples and polyamorous pairs – all craving fun and satisfaction as they explore the city and their relationships (both old and new). Their adventures will lead them into the heart of a frenetic night where anything goes, portraying an array of contemporary nightlife possibilities.

Night Out is loaded, passionate and sweaty stories for all tastes. Check out the trailer below and click here to order your copy. The film is available starting this week.

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