Confessions of a Gay Poet is a brand new, independent documentary about the life and work of British writer, underground filmmaker and actor Wade Radford.

Known in underground gay cinema circles for his controversial role in Twink, as well as other films like One Last Chance at Paradise, Caught in a Landslide and the Boys Behind Bars series, Wade has been releasing poetry anthologies and recordings online for the last eight years. Confessions of a Gay Poet explores the themes of Wade’s work and introduces the audience to this complex and candid individual.

Join Wade as he embarks on a week-long road trip, visiting places that have inspired his work and remain dear to his heart. In the lead-up to his latest anthology release ‘Disequilibrium’, Radford hits the open road in the hope that he can finally close some of the chapters of love, heartbreak and disillusions that have haunted of his most recent work.

Watch the trailer for Confessions of a Gay Poet below and click here to order your copy of the film. It’s available starting this week on DVD.

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