Bigger Like Me (also know at Bigger Like Me: The Extended Director’s Cut – titular pun intended) tells the story of straight comedian Greg Bergman‘s obsessive quest to enlarge his penis.

Every since he was a kid, Bergman was secretly anxious about the size of his junk. According to statistics, he’s average – but who wants to be just average? After several failed experiments using pills, pumps and other so-called methods, Bergman travels to a surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico, where he risks absolutely everything (including his marriage) to fulfill what he sees as his destiny. There is no room for “small men” in this hysterically funny and frequently disturbing look at one straight dude’s dark descent into phallocentric delirium.

Though it concerns a straight dude, we wanted to recommend this film to our gay readers. One reason is for the nudity alone (although the footage of the actual operation is NOT for the squeamish). The other reason is that Bergman’s insecurity, however unfounded, ridiculous, or low on the list of most people’s priorities, is weirdly relatable.

A recent study of 25,000 men showed that 55% of the men surveyed were uncomfortable with their penis size. Over half! What could be driving this penis panic? Is pornography and the distorted view of penis size to blame? Or is all this penis insecurity just a reflection of the male sex’s ┬áinnate desire to be bigger, stronger, better. In short, how much of our obsession with penis size is cultural and how much is DNA? Bigger Like Me sets out across the country to answer those questions while also telling a highly entertaining personal story.

Bigger Like Me is coming to DVD and VOD in May. You can watch the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy!

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