A tender and sweet coming-of-age film from Brazil, the 51-minute Guigo Offline isn’t quite long enough to qualify as a feature film, but it’s a little lengthier than your average short. TLA Releasing will be making the film available on DVD and VOD in April and they have also included another film – the 31-minute US short Midnights with Adam – to sweeten the deal.

In the main feature, Guigo Offline, the son of divorced parents, twelve-year-old Guigo (Antonio Haddad Aguerre) is preoccupied with his first adolescent crush on a young girl named Sabrina (Sabrina Nonata). Like most kids these days, he is also completely addicted to his smart phone. On a fishing trip with his best friend Tullius (Pedro Goifman), his father Roberto (Alexandre Cioletti) and Roberto’s new friend Paul (Roberto Rezende), he finds he has no way to text his girlfriend! Things get even more overwhelming when he learns that Paul is actually his father’s new boyfriend.

Midnights with Adam follows J. Harper Lee (Paul Yen), a detached and newly out-of-the closet young man who, after engaging in a sexual act with a stranger, arrives at a soirée planned by his best friend, Annie (Amanda Kathleen Ward). Throughout the night, as he catches up with close acquaintances and struggles to hold back his feelings for his straight friend, Danny (Ben Whalen), Harper agonizes to build a façade of belonging in a world that is not meant for him. As midnight approaches, Harper exploits himself in a brief sexual encounter to mitigate his loneliness and disconnection only to realize that he must come to terms with his identity in order to find his place in a hetero-normative world.

Watch the trailers for Guigo Offline and Midnights with Adam below and click here to pre-order your copy.

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