Popporn is a comedic series where comedians roast gay porn scenes. What’s weird, what’s strange, what’s hilarious, what’s gross, what’s surprising, what’s enticing? Nothing will escape their comedic wrath!

Reminiscent of comedic commentary shows like Best Week Ever and the plethora of “I Love the… (insert decade here)” installments produced by VH1, Popporn has their talking heads cover a wide variety of porn topics. They dig into sexed-up film parodies, people with daddy issues, Game of Thrones-inspired fantasies, straight first timers and much, much more.

“The idea for Popporn came to us while… well, it came to us well watching porn,” said creator Charlie David. “What I realized is that porn is inherently pretty funny.  I mean so long as the participants are there of their own volition and there’s nothing afoul going on – it’s kind of a ridiculous thing. ‘What if we had comedians give color commentary on porn?’ I thought to myself and then set about putting together the development for the show.”

Both Popporn: Season 1 and Popporn: Season 2 are available to stream now at TLAgay.com. Check out the trailer for the series below.

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