The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.

Fair Haven
After a long stay in ex-gay conversion therapy, James (Michael Grant), a young piano prodigy, returns home to his family farm and his emotionally distant father, Richard (Tom Wopat). After Richard pressures James to give up his music career and take over the farm, James agrees as a way to make up for his past. Soon, however, James finds himself face-to-face with his former lover, Charlie (Josh Green), who wants to help him turn away from his new beliefs and family expectations, and follow his dreams of studying music. A touching and deeply romantic drama, Fair Haven is often heartbreaking, but ultimately life-affirming. The performances, across the board, are terrific. Veteran character actor Wopat is excellent as the reserved, conflicted father and young up-and-comers Green and Grant make their forbidden romance palpable (and very sweet).

Producer-director Patrick McGuinn‘s Leather is this tender, sexy and unconventional romance. Upon news of the death of his estranged father, blond twenty-something Andrew (Andrew Glaszek), with his boyfriend Kyle in tow, travels from New York City to a cottage in the remote wooded area of the Catskill Mountains – where his father lived and where Andrew was raised. There he meets the bearded Birch (Chris Graham), Andrew’s childhood friend who had lived with Andrew’s father in a simple 19th-century style. Meeting Birch proves to be unsettling as he seems to be the son his father always wanted – someone he could fish and hunt with, someone who could work with one’s hands. As they spend time together, dynamics begin to shift and Andrew’s initial distrust of Birch morphs into physical interest and empathy – while young Kyle (a hilariously animated Jeremy Neal in a scene-stealing role) becomes increasingly threatened.

My Best Friend
Lorenzo, a quiet teen, lives in a small town at the edge of the world in beautiful Patagonia. He’s a good student, a curious and smart person more skilled in music and literature than sports. When a dramatic event leaves a family friend with nowhere to live, Caito, a year older than Lorenzo, comes to stay in their home. Covered in fresh bruises, tattooed, and handsome, Caito is both a disturbing and fascinating new presence in Lorenzo’s life. As their friendship grows, Caito begins opening up to Lorenzo – and the more Caito reveals his true self, the more Lorenzo finds his feelings growing for his new house guest. With beautiful cinematography and outstanding lead performances, My Best Friend is a tender coming-of-age story examines the space between first crush and first love.

My Big Gay Italian Wedding
Antonio and Paolo are a perfectly happy young couple, living together in Berlin and finally making plans to get married. They decide to celebrate their nuptuals in the small Italian village where Antonio grew up. While his mother immediately supports his intentions, her husband, Roberto, the conservative town mayor, is much more reluctant. Paolo, who has not spoken to his similarly conservative mother in a long time, is also tasked with getting her to the wedding as a condition of their marriage. Throw in a couple of wacky roommates and the aisle to the altar is soon paved with hilarity, hijinks and lots of love. A merry movie of matrimony, My Big Gay Italian Wedding is filled with slapstick and romance.

Seat in Shadow
The debut feature from Scottish artist/filmmaker Henry CoombesSeat in Shadow is a witty, perceptive study of social mores, sexual excess and bizarre symbiotic relationships. Albert, an eccentric, aging painter doubling as an unconventional, Jung-inspired psychotherapist, is asked to counsel his friend’s lethargic grandson Ben, whose ongoing boyfriend problems are rapidly fueling an already deep depression. Soon, a deeply unusual bond is formed. Seat in Shadow had its world premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival where it was in competition for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature, and Best Actor in a British Feature. Lead actor David Sillars gives a bravura, tour de force performance and director Henry Coombes offers a wildly unhinged view of gay life in Scotland – one with an equal mix of humor, poignancy and delicious eroticism.

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