Well-known for his incredibly erotic body of work (VoyageLove Actually… SucksPermanent ResidenceAmphetamineCity Without BaseballUtopians), Scud pushes the envelope further than he ever has before with his brand new film Adonis (also called Thirty Years of Adonis in some circles).

Adonis tells the story of Yang Ke (Adonis He Fei), an actor with the Beijing Opera, whose dreams of stardom are fading now that he’s pushing thirty. When he loses his job and finds himself down on his luck, he ends up answering ads for “nude outdoor model” gigs and soon ends up participating in what will become his ticket to infamy: a gay porn flicks that becomes an underground sensation.

As Yang Ke descends further and further into a world of hedonism, as a deeply desired sex worker, he finds himself increasingly emotionally detached. When he accepts the invitation of a mysterious, masked client (played by gay porn star Eric East) on his thirtieth birthday, he finally reaches his limit.

Filled with the gorgeous visuals that have become his standard and a mind-blowing, staggeringly sexy cast of young men, Adonis might just be Scud‘s most provocative film yet. Viewers should be warned: this film contains graphic sexual content.

Check out this tantalizing photo gallery below and click here to watch the film. Adonis is available now on-demand.

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