A straight wrestling coach finds himself smitten with one of his gay students – a student whose life may soon be in danger. Meanwhile a deranged cemetery worker is infatuated with someone of his own. Someone he can never have… at least not alive! Their stories become entangled in Necro-Mancing Dennis, a feature-length adaptation of the short film “The Caretaker of Cook County.”

Adult film sensation Grayson Lange stars with newcomer Daniel Jensen, in his first gay erotic scenes on or off camera! Also starring are the Babaloo Studios favorites Addison Graham and Harper Stevenson. This mystery/horror film is written and directed by Steven Vasquez.

Check out the trailer for Necro-Mancing Dennis below and click here to pre-order your copy. It’s coming to DVD and Blu-ray as a TLA Exclusive in March!

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